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Women Should Drink a Glass of Milk Daily

Women Should Drink a Glass of Milk Daily

Women Should Drink a Glass of Milk Daily. In our country, bone diseases are being intensified daily, the young generation is also suffering from this disease. “Family magazine” for the growing disease and solution of the disease, Artho Peak of Kot Khawaja Saeed Shah Hospital, Lahore Consultant Dr. Hubair Shah, who is a non-reader.

Question: Mother’s milk proves effective in bone problems?
Answer: Mother’s milk is very beneficial for bones because it contains high amounts of vitamin D and calcium, due to which the bones are not weak. Women Should Drink
Q: How long should a mother breastfeed the child that it does not cause bone problems?
Answer: The mother should breastfeed the child for at least 6 months for 2 years so that the children’s height should not be infertile and the bones can be strong.

Q: The baked milk and canned packs are useful for bones?
Answer: The open milk and canned milk do not contain vitamin D, which is dangerous for children, and those who drink such milk live in bone problems.
Q: Is the role of exercising in bone strength?
Answer: The role of exercise for strengthening the bones is very important, we should all make our exercise routine daily, at least half-hour exercise habits, which will not only strengthen bones, but heart disease Can be saved from

Q: Which foods are used to strengthen the bone?
Answer: A simple diet and balanced food can be saved from bone problems.
Question: Women and men have similar problems with bone problems.
Answer: Women are more likely to see vitamin dose than men, so women should take a glass of milk every day because healthy children only produce healthy children.

Q: Does Sugar Patients Damage Bone?
Answer: Those people who are liable to cure sugar, keep medicine by insulin and insulin and do not give any sugar to the desired quantity because sugar level increases and where many problems arise, the crocodile’s Sugar hooks, hence sugar control is kept.

Q: How can bone problems be resolved in pregnant women?
Answer: Such women should increase the use of milk and fruit so that the problems of bones end due to lack of vitamin D.
Q: If the bone break is the norm of the womb that can be added to the bone?
Answer: There are excellent arrangements for adding bones to government hospitals, bone can be added with the help of the operation, and if it is on the first stage, it can be plastered.

Q: How do you look at bone problems and facilities available for the operation in hospitals?
Answer: The issues available to these problems are very low in the hospital, but Dr. Z is willing to resolve these problems by using the resources available by using their capabilities.
Question: Number of orthopedic doctors is available in hospitals so that a poor person can treat them?
Answer: The number of doctors in government hospitals is low, but Dr. Zuzane is checking more patients than the number of patients coming in their section, but it has to be believed that the number of doctors in the hospitals is less.

Question: Growing of uric acid is the problem of bones?
Answer: Growing uric acid increases bones and joints, uric acid addiction increases the use of things.
Q: Which fruits are useful for bones?
Answer: Flowers should be used according to the seasons. Primary fruits benefit bone and health.
Q: What is the problem of fried spiced pepper foods?
Answer: The young generation uses spicy pepper spices, food, and soft drinks, which increase the amount of urine acid in the blood, which produces a number of bones, so as to use simple foods and Use soft drinks to be used. Women Should Drink

Q: A young generation for the message is that such a problem should not be made to produce bone problems and problems of children do not arise? Women Should Drink
Answer: Any disease is born when we leave the normal way of living and taking balanced nutrients. Therefore everyone should have a good breakfast in the morning, make the usual routine, eat lunch at noon, and the night Begin to take a little walk instead of quick gold.
source UrduPoint.

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