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What Is The Importance of Health?

What Is The Importance of Health? This incident is surprising and takes hold of the brain ‘ Moses once asked the Almighty
“Or do you want a person to bless a blessing from your blessings, what will you ask?”

Allaah Almighty said


I read this event, so I was hanging. Health is truly a great gift of Allah and power as much as love And The plan did not make so much universe to keep humans healthy –

‘There are such systems within our body that when we consider them, the mind remains astonished ‘Each of us is born with a half-four thousand illnesses.

These diseases are active all the time, but our strength is immune, our body’s system keeps their deaths controlled by the infidels.
For example
Our mouth produces germs daily that weaken our heart
When we walk faster,
If we wake up or walk, our mouth opens.
We take a quick breath,
These breaths rapidly kill those bacteria
So our heart is saved from these germs.

For example
The world’s first bay happened in May 1960
If you do not know what you’re looking for, then do not worry about it.

For instance, kidney transplantation began on June 17, 1950, but power planted a place between our two kidneys millions of years ago, where the third grid fits.

There are some very small bones in our ribs.
These bones were always spoiled, but in today’s known world there are a few children whose rates are added ‘These children can swallow their neck due to this tendency’ or cannot swallow like normal children. Can speak

‘When the surgeons analyzed the bones of these children’s bones and pellets, then it was sparing bones and the bone of the rib, as the syrups cut off the bones of the pearl and fit it in the throat and thus it is disabled. It was a normal life.

For example, our liver is the only substance of the body that is reproduced after the removal

If the arm is broken or the other part is cut off, then it does not rise again when the liver is the only pen that reels after the cut.

What Is The Importance of Health

‘Scientists were astonished Why did Power have this ability in the liver? Today, the Jigger is a Christian head.
Life is not possible without it and this ability can be transplanted due to its ability.

You can donate liver to others

These are some miracles of power that make the astonishment of man’s surprise when thousands of miracles are hidden in our body, and this miracle keeps us healthy.

We sleep daily
Our sleep is a trailer ‘ sleep of man’ sleep ‘deep sleep’ unconsciousness and death are different steps in the same series.

When we go deep into sleep, only one step in uselessness between us and death is that we return from the day of death in the morning, but we do not even realize it.

Health is counted in some of the world’s delight, it does not have to be so long as it remains
As soon as it leaves us,
We just feel it was far more precious than all our other blessings.

What Is The Importance of Health

If we sit on the table someday and estimate health to the toes of the head, then we will know that every one of us is a billionaire.

‘Our lovers have some problems.
These files raise our feet and fall. ‘If they give the answer, the person can not open his eyes

‘There is no cure for this disease in the world

’50 richest people in the world are suffering from this disease and they are ready to give millions of dollars to surgeons and doctors around the globe to take their stomach only.’

Our ear is liquid equivalent to the pigeon tissue ‘it is a leopard type of parrot’, we walk straight to the liquid

What Is The Importance of Health

‘If we lose it we can not determine the direction’
We start confusing and bumping with things going on ‘

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims are ready to give millions of dollars equal to Tears’

People are ready to give Rs. 30 lakhs for healthy kidneys’

The eyes of the eyes are hunger in millions of rupees’

The value of the heart goes to millions of millions.

If you have pain in your heart, you are ready to give millions of rupees to get rid of this pain.

Millions of rich people in the world are in pain.

The distress of the neck seals brings the life of man to ‘

When the salt is added to the joints of the toes, then the person starts praying for prayers of death

Millions of  people have been killed ‘

Teeth and beard pain make the night uncomfortable ‘

Half a headache is making thousands of people crazy.

Sugar ‘
Blood pressure medicines companies earn billions of dollars every year
If you are suffering from an early disorder, you will put millions of rupees in the pocket, but you will not get healed.

Mouth smell is apparently a minor problem, but millions of people spend billions of rupees every year ‘

Our body does not produce any particular acids at times, and we remain ungrateful in this world filled with delights.

Our health is a special duty to Allaah
We abundantly bless this blessing.

We do not thank Allaah for this great kindness.
If we get the day out of our bed

Are there
‘We eat what we want and digest it’
We can walk straight
Can race ‘
Can bend
Our heart ‘brain’ liver and kidney are doing well
‘We look blindly’
Listen to ears’
Touch hands
Nose to the nose
And you can taste the mouth

What Is The Importance of Health

Then we all have the grace of Allah Almighty.
They are lending to work
We should thank our God on this great kindness
Health is the blessing that if we go away, we can not return this blessing by spending the world’s treasures’

We can not straighten up our spinal cord.

Or Allah is one million thanksgiving to you. –
If you did not thank you, then thank you soon.
Your prayers!
source Google.

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