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Waterborne Diseases

Waterborne diseases are caused by drinking contaminated or dirty water.Waterborne Diseases are mentioned in list below:

  • Diarrhea
  • Dysentery
  • Dracunculiasis
  • Cholera
  • Cryptosporidiosis
  • Traveler’s diarrhea
  • Giardiasis
  • Amoebiasis
  • Constipation
  • Typhoid fever
  • Schistosomiasis
  • Naegleriasis

Waterborne diseases are basically dangerous for all living things.Waterborne Diseases are then caused by the drink of
poisonous or polluting substance or dirty water. Poisonous
or polluting water may cause many types of diarrheal diseases,
including Cholera(Cholera is an irresistible sickness that causes
serious watery loose bowels, which can prompt drying out and
even demise if untreated. It is brought about by eating nourishment
or drinking water sullied with a bacterium called Vibrio cholerae),
what’s more, different genuine sicknesses, for example, Guinea
worm ailment, Typhoid, and Dysentery. Waterborne related
illnesses cause 3.4 million passings every year.

Awareness of anything prevents man from many troubles and difficulties. Similarly, precautions about the disease and prevention of diseases help humans to prevent disease from being infected. Some diseases are deadly, which do not know if they are easily taken to bed.

It is a fact that sugar and hepatitis B and C are spreading rapidly. Sugar can be controlled by medicines, although hepatitis is a cure of disease. There is a mental strain due to the rapid spread of sugar. Hepatitis is completely treated through medicines. For the last time, only two types of viruses that were hepatitis in the world were aware of A and B.

His D & E even today has also been discovered. Keeping in mind the readiness of the reader, a talk about the treatment of remarkable dermatologist and hepatitis B and C, is a talk reader with specialist cereals and liver and diabetes.

The use of drugs without the treatment of the therapeutic causes liver inflammation. Unusual medicine and anti-biotech use can also deter liver This disease is more common in countries including India, Burma, Afghanistan, Algeria and Mexico where hygiene standards are not compared to developed countries.

Hepatitis (B) and (C) may also be short term, but often cause long-term exposure to people who often lead to digging of liver. During the last few years in Pakistan, its spread rate has been seen to grow rapidly. Hepatitis (B) expires automatically, because about 5 to 10 in children and nine percent of the youth in its youth to endure this disease by immunity. I succeed.

Some people may also have liver cancer. Hepatitis (C) usually transfers bloodstream, so blood tests are very important for the blood transfusion. At the time of need, only healthy blood should be applied. Blades, blades, cranes, beauty parlor tools and dentists cause spread of infections. Patients used for patients, such as brush, razor, queen, etc. etc. also cause spread of this disease.

In such a single syrup, the vaccine can also be transmitted to another person. The vaccinations of Baptops are available. The rate of hepatitis (B) in Pakistan has decreased significantly. Using hepatitis, hepatitis (B) as well as hepatitis (C) cases have decreased considerably. If someone gets rid of this disease then its best treatment is the use of medicines.

Injection is encouraged throughout the world, whereas every dynasty sitting in the street, Harmam is giving power to the people. It must be encouraged. Drinking water, eating and drinking, can also be saved very much from the disease. “

He said, ‘Hepatitis (B) is a deadly disease that is caused by a dangerous virus (HBV).
It’s more than 100 times more than aIDS. Every year from Hepatitis (B) every year, there are ten to two million deaths in the world. Hepatitis (B) can transmit one another to another through infected blood, tears, sweat and body fat. The actual cause of patients with liver cancer in Pakistan is hepatitis (B / C). No treatment was found for chronic hepatitis (B) and its carrier.

Protect yourself and your children from keeping hepatitis (B) safe. Hepatitis A and E viruses are contaminated water or herbicide-related items, such as stomach ‘Round-up’, ‘Sauce’ sore juices’ fruits, etc., eat food and attack the liver straight. Aptitude A and E That is why they are not considered deadly.

Waterborne diseases are called “Waterborne”. Hepatitis B is a big source of blood entering the body of D virus. Therefore, these blood-borne diseases are called “Bloodborne“. Hepatitis B and C virus transfers into human body fluids. These dams include blood and body orgasm.

Hand rubbing, throating, hitting and kissing does not spread this disease. Breasting the mother’s baby does not move to another person in case of food or water, and relationship. Hepatitis C virus infections cause permanent inflammation in the liver.

The symptoms of hunger in the hepatitis B do not feel ‘fatigue’ feeling of fatigue ‘pale skin and muscle’ muscles’ joints and stomach pain ‘do not fit properly’ fever fever ‘vine’ piss comes yellow Refer to Children who are under 18 years old and do not vaccine them for childhood hepatitis B ‘can also be given hepatitis vaccines.

It is not a risk of eating fever or skin after protective vaccines. But after vaccination, if there is a problem with breathing, heart rate is too fast or very low and very weak

If you are in need of a sauce, you should immediately refer to the doctor.
Hepatitis C stops your liver performance if it happens, you will need a new liver. According to the report of the Water Research Council, in the 23 major cities of the country, drinking water in Bacteria ‘Orchin’ soil and waste It is mixed. According to the Pakistan Medical Health Association, 90% of the country’s diseases have poor drinking water. “

Dr. Khalid Khan said, “It is not an illness. Errors can be caused by a ‘excessive liquor’ fatty liver, hepatitis C and B. etc. in many diseases, such as the leaves of the leaf. Liver diseases are causing hepatitis C. There is no home in which hepatitis C and B do not have a patient. The feeling of irritation in the patient is’ vomiting, the pain in the upper part of the stomach, and the hepatitis C symptoms are major symptoms.

Types of hepatitis A and B ‘C’ D and E. B and C are very deadly. There are tablets for each disease treatment. There is a complete free treatment of hepatitis B vaccine and hepatitis in Jinnah Hospital Lahore. Basic reasons for spreading this disease is not to follow the elaborate, precautious measures. “

About sugar, Dr. Khalid Khan said, ‘Cheerful aged nausea is a diabetic disease, such as a five-year-old or a 15-year-old baby, then four prominent symptoms are thirsty, more urine, hunger and more.

Weight loss:

Apart from this, sugar signs are not symptoms of ordinary and older people. They increase the weight of the diabetic patient, as well as the complications of cerebral pediatricians. Generally, for those people who have sex forty and five years. These include swelling of hand foot, hearing, legs and feet, and symptoms such as stroke. These patients do not usually get more urine and they feel more thirsty. “

He said, “Make lubricants‘ work insulin and it controls sugarcane in the insulin body. The patient in which patients do not work well, does not mean that her lungs are not doing well, it will become a diagnostic disease.

Libraries do not work at all in a baby-born sugar, but lymphs of older patients are working, but the more insulin it is making is not affecting. Such patients give such medicines that reduce the weight of the patient and begin to improve their peptic insulin.source UrduPoint. Waterborne diseases are very Dangerous for Human & Wild Life too.

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