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Tomato Fruit

There is a fruit (Tomato Fruit), as a vegetable is used. It is fruit or vegetable Seeing red coloring tomatoes, it is fruit or vegetable maybe it is a mixture of salts if you want to eat fruits and make delicious food, make it dry to eat the food. Use it, make fun chest, cocktail and ketchup. In case of food, it is not a lack of food. Tomato Fruit is the Good Fruit About Health Tips.

What is so special in tomatoes that it is often used. Tomato Fruit contains very low saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol. These include nutrients, vitamins A, C, K, E, pots The item is full of Magnesium, Thiamine, Nixon, Vitamins B6, Fletile, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Copper. These nutrients contained in it are considered good to lose weight.

It contains fewer calories, so it can be added to its diet by adding it to its diet, and the dream of making the body worse can be accomplished. The tomatoes feature retention of reproductive health. It protects against the risks of cancer. The counter is anti-oxidant.

Tomato is useful for osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, stress and bleeding of blood. The tomato juice is good for intestinal inflammation.
Doctors recommend using this diabetes type 2 patients. Theater helps in maintaining blood pressure .Cholesterol reduces the level. The Folate sequence in the quarrels protects from cancer. The theater is also useful for benevolence Tomato makes hair strong and shiny. It is good for the health of the bones and is also useful for teeth.

However, people with kidney disease are called to take care of feeding their seeds, while prostate glands are not considered useful for men growing up.

Good luck:

The tomato juice darkens the skin. The natural heading on the screen begins to appear. The closure of the ointment closes. Due to the heat of sunlight, it benefits some problems that occur. It also features the best cleaner and iron purification for the skin.


Medium-sized tomatoes can be twenty-two and twenty-five calories. It provides one hundred-calorie full of pieces. One cup of juice mixes forty-nine calories, A teaspoon contains a tomato ketchup fifteen calories.
Put Tomato in the house If you want to cultivate a tomato in your house, keep in mind some things.

When planting tomatoes, choose a place where sunlight is light because it is a plant that develops in the light of sunlight. Revenue financially tells that the plant requires about seven hours of sunshine. The growing plants need more energy, which they get from sunlight.

For the tomato plant, choose a Fertilizer that is full of nitrogen.
The leaves will Bloom for this.

Give water with balance:

Calcium is required especially for plants and fruits, especially for tomatoes.
When the soil of all four sides of the plant is dried, then the amount of calcium in the soil is limited. The roots of the plant do not get food and the plants begin to dry. Always give the proper quantity of water to the tomato.

An easy way of dwarf:

Seeds of tomato are found in the market, seeds can be obtained from the tomatoes used in the house. Get out the seeds of tomatoes and drain them. Wondering that seeds should be more stressful in the ground but small seeds are in the ground Take an inch. It’s a better way to get water from the shower. If water from the pipe will remove from its pressure from the soil and fertilizer seeds and consequently the seed will not rise.

The tomatoes of the tomato are very delicate, and if the water is taken, the skin becomes hot, so it should be careful to give water. If the landscape is very tasty, it will have to give daily water. If the earth is very moisturized So one day, water can be given by leaving the tomatoes. Six to eight days after tomato dwarf will welcome its mini soup earrings. This tomato will start coming within one and a half months.

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