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The Nutritious Fruit of Physical Therapies  

The Nutritious Fruit Full of Physical Therapies There is no fruit to remove blood deficiency better than fig. The organizer is an international fruit that is a delightful combination of food and medicine in food and medicine, and the people are “three” and ” Fog “.

This is the fruit of heaven. It has been mentioned in the Quran Hakim due to its shining effects. The injection is found in different countries of yellow and white; black in the black areas is black and yellow in black. Its cultivation has been traditionally used by the Greek authorities. Its fruitful fruit contains 60 percent glucose, which is far higher than the glucose-sized bazaar.

The hawker Hakim, first of all, presented this fruitful fruit to the world. Water is high in black beans, and our markets start selling in May in the month. Many components of the plant are deteriorated quickly and it does not manage to maintain safe storage. Dryers are supplied for sale in markets.

In addition to Thanksgiving, it has become a mixture of meat makers and fine ingredients. ‘There is a treasury of water and minerals.
Feldaphosphoruscoppercalciumsodium iodine and carotene are also included in the fig. Vitamins A & B are also included. We could not afford affordable food to produce pureblood. ‘To strengthen the body of red blood’ ‘Strengthening’ is a rare diet and medication to create a defense and to endure permanent control.

For centuries, old hormone weaknesses’ bloody bloodshed ‘are suggesting using neutral fatigue to use this cheap nutritious fruit. From 100 grams to 400 grams, we can use blood instead of using blood as well as’ The body cleanses the light and the intestines. Those people who feel less hungry may increase their hunger by breakfast.

It’s warm and up. The Nutritious Fruit Full. The stomach digestive it in one and a half hours, 200 grams of nutrients are equal to two loaves of bread and four eggs. 60 days to 400 grams a few days daily to bring the fried towel (spill) to the real condition. Eat scan bins, three teeth, and stirred barks with five vessels, and go to the frying fried during the evening. Food is useful for one to four times.

In order to correct the increased liver, eating it in the morning, sherbat Fujimori, three teeth, is mixed with three tall days. ‘Al-Baqarah, mixed with five teas, mixed with one to four rupees, and the rind sugar mixed with two to six rams. In the past three weeks, sufficient God corrects the liver.

To increase power memory and remove mental weakness, the nutrients of almonds will strengthen the intake of seven to twenty-eight acres, one to three inches and small owes, one to five to five inches of water; If you add milk after breaking it, if you apply it to two to five drops of bronze (white stain) daily at the Chenabel and Azima Emma, ​​then Insha Allah will be cleaned in a few days.

After that, add coconut to coconut. It keeps the glands slowly depressed by breastfeeding in the galleries. In power, power has also been characterized to remove poisonous effects.

The use of poisonous medicines and gases is common in today’s nuclear program. It is commonly used by grinding sugar to 6 grams of kalonji to protect it from poisonous poison. ‘Poor’ Khansi’falj ‘ Chicken patients should benefit from using this fruit.

Eating foods perish on some language of delicate temperatures, while using it in water flocks its eyes. (Zebah-ul-Hakma Hakim Noor Ahmed)
The fig is a very important fruit in terms of its medical benefits. This fruit more than Pakistan and India is Greece and Turkey ‘is born in Caspian and southern France and is mostly imported from there.

It is very important that the amount of nutrition is very good. Its slab adjusts the body from intestinal toxic food. This is important in removing it. It removes the tissue. It is cooked and cooked and made on the goose is and they are lipid. The milk of the nutritious milk is treated.

Breasting leads to light soreum ‘but it goes away and gets ridiculous. It removes the blood by cooking it. Its urine opens. It also brings sweat. And the hardness of the liver is removed. Since it is urine, it also leaves kidneys and figurative leaves. It is a five-day daily opening for this purpose.


Ingredients include 214 bark ‘4gg protein 2 grams of 1 mg grease and 19 grams of fiber.

source UrduPoint.

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