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Sore throat causes refer to the inflammation of the throat that is characterized by symptoms like a scratching or burning sensation, tenderness of the neck and pain especially when swallowing. Other symptoms may include sneezing, fever, swollen lymph nodes, and coughing. What is Sore Throat?

When the sore throat has a rapid onset and is accompanied by fever and the tenderness of the neck, then it is considered to be serious and requires immediate medical attention. In addition, should a sore throat last longer than one week then you also must consider seeing a doctor before it is rendered chronic?

One of the questions that have been asked over and over again is what causes a sore throat? The truth is that there are numerous factors that are associated with the emergence of a sore throat in an individual. First, it may be a result of viral infections, that include viruses that cause the flu and mononucleosis that are also associated with the swelling of tonsillitis. A patient may produce blisters in the throat and mouth depending on the nature of the virus. An infection of adenoids or tonsils is also capable of resulting in a sore throat. Smoking or breathing through the mouth is also known to cause a sore throat because the throat will be dry and sore.

Bacterial infections are also known to give rise to a sore throat with the most common bacteria being the cyanobacterium and the streptococcus. Even then, cyanobacterium is said to mainly be a threat among young adults. The common cold is also a known cause of a sore throat. This is made worse by the fact that there are over 200 types of viruses that cause a common cold many of which also bring about the sore throat symptoms. An infection of the sinuses, as well as chronic postnasal drip, may also lead to pain in the throat.

Acid reflux also accounts for some cases of sore throat. This is because stomach acid can spill on the esophagus or throat thereby causing irritation to the tissues of the throat. This is bound to occur in the morning when you are in a lying position and is best treated using medications that will reduce the acidity in the stomach. A sore throat may also be a result of an allergic reaction to certain things such as grass, pollen, dust or even pet dander. This means that by taking care of these allergies you can be sure to eliminate the pain in your throat.

Although not very common, surgeries may also result in a sore throat even though for a short time. This is especially true when a breathing tube is inserted in your throat to the lungs. Surgeries the cause hoarseness and soreness of the throat include tonsillectomies, thyroidectomies or removal of vocal fold cysts. People who are suffering from throat cancer are also likely to suffer from the soreness of the throat that will also be accompanied by other symptoms like weight loss, chronic cough, ear pain and difficulty in swallowing. Other causes of sore throat include epiglottitis, whooping cough, herpangina, and certain medications.

  • Here are eight of the most common sore throat causes.
  • Colds, the flu, and other viral infections. Viruses cause about 90 percent of sore throats ( 2 ).
  • Strep throat and other bacterial infections.
  • Allergies.

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