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How To Sleep & Maintain Your Diet

How To Sleep & Maintain Your Diet. Sleep is essential as food, drinking, but the question here is how to cook …? And what kind of drink …? There is no doubt that good food and timely food, Work days and eating hours affect health. Good sleep is as important as a healthy diet to eat and exercise.
Medical experts usually consider seven and ninety-nine sleep necessary for a healthy teenager.

Good and well sleep is also related to diet. Food habits are important for girls. It is better to eat food 3 hours before sleeping. When eating gold, avoid eating nutritious and chutter things. Naturally, digestive digestion in the hours of time is slow and this type of heavy food system is digestive for digestion. Maybe.

If you have to wait for a long time and feel hungry during the night, then some lightweight can be eaten.Which contain carbohydrates, snacks, low protein, etc. It will end hunger and sleep will also improve. Any diet that accepts systemic digestion in the morning or afternoon does not necessarily mean the night.

Meat and cheese etc. At this time, food can occur in system digestion.
Eating peppers, which include fatty lentils, can be unhealthy due to a meal, garlic, meals, etc. at night. Of course, those people, in fact, can be worried about themselves, but around the people, “Nicotine, who plays in it, plays an important role in unfaithfulness.

Vegetables, leafy leaves are green or other foods that are better sleeping than food. Especially when it is cooked boiled. This is because they contain magnesium and magnesium release muscles. Simple salads are natural dreaming items. Due to different types of properties, they have been used for better sleeping for centuries.

Many nutrients are completely made of wheat. It is better for skin and sleep. Potato potatoes are also useful for sleeping, as it is found in carbohydrates. Ghee and banana are natural items, such as acids which are characterized by a sleep improvement system. They find vitamins B3, the system is better than vitamins.

Five nutrients for a calm sleep:

Experts of medicine say that we are at risk of sleeping when our nerves are uncomfortable. But comfort nerves cause good sleep and nervous exercise exercises and lightweight dishes can be used to keep nervousness on the nerves.

Experts say that if these nutrients are used before the evening or evening, you can sleep good and full sleep.

No root: Minu acid present in nutrobat, produces Norton and melatonin in the brain, which helps to bring our sleep on the basis of comfort and comfort. It is said that some of the sleeping medicines are synthetic Melton one. It is mixed.

Therefore, these medicines have better storage of meltonone, which is readily available and healthy in the form of a walnut.

Almonds: Almonds present in the almonds reduce brainstorm and treat headaches. It actually cures the brain and nerves. Not only daily almond food adds to mental performance and efficiency.
Thanksgiving: If you want to sleep the best sleep in the night, eat the sugar cream in the evening.

It is not only tasteful, but it removes carbohydrates and vitamin B6 acacia acids which cause you not to sleep. Sleep and Your Diet
Warm milk: Before sleeping a glass after midnight, you will go to bed after falling on the bed. Only milk, but all the nutrients that contain calcium present such as dairy or cheese, etc. Before the use of them, keep the time and the weather carefully. Semi-warm milk can be used every season.
Banana: Potassium and magnesium are available in banana, which gives nerves and muscles comfortable and lightweight, after which you sleep on one side.

source UrduPoint.

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