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Simple diet can prevent stomach in severe heat

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Simple diet can prevent stomach in severe heat

Simple diet can prevent stomach in severe heat Medical experts have said that there is anxiety to spread diseases in severe heat, stomach diseases are common, increase the use of chicken foods and vegetables, water, and cold drinks and can be prevented from diseases.

Simple diet can prevent stomach in severe heat

Consultant physician Dr. Jinnah Hospital says that abdominal diseases in diarrhea, including diarrhea, vomiting, stomach ache, stomach pain, people with disorders come to hospitals, youth and children’s food, shelves, Burgers eat excessive oil products from which they are more influenced by these diseases.

He said that excessive use of fruits, vegetables, cold drinks and water due to unnecessary eating of food items in severe heat, in 2015, many dozen people had suffered from heat-stroke in severe heat, This year, Raman also has severe heat in this summer, the risk of heat stroke in severe heat remains in which the person suffering severe sweat and stirring.

In order to avoid severe heat, the citizens should not leave unhealthily sharp sunshine from 11 o’clock in the morning to avoid severe heat. If necessary, then cover ORS in simple water, if patients’ body temperature increases. If taken, it should be taken to a quick shady place. He said that during the intense heat, there is more caution in eating food, reducing the use of poultry and chutney nutrients because it can cause acidity in acidity. Are there Eating more meat in severe heat reduces the stomach, Avoid eating non-food items sold on the shelves.

Simple diet can prevent stomach in severe heat

Dr. Noman Nasser of the nose ears throat in Abbasi Shaheed Hospital says that thunderstorm increases in the throat, due to the change in the throat, fatigue increases, high blood pressure, which usually uses light diet to be safe. Let’s go out and put the head in a cold heat in the heat.



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