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Rabies Symptoms & Vaccine For Humans

Rabies is a deadly disease. It is caused by the bites of some pets and wild animals. The rabies virus is found in the saliva of these animals. Such as dogs, cats, girders, wolves, bats, raccoon and fox. There are other breastfeeding animals. Every year more than 55,000 people die from the disease. Healthy Foods For It.

Ninety percent of people have the disease from pets. Those who do not get vaccinated vaccines can also have a minor rash. Once the symptoms of the disease appear, it usually occurs within 72 hours. And that death is certain. An animal that has rabies will usually die within ten days.

So if possible, if the bite is kept under surveillance for ten days, if it dies during that time, it will be rebounded.

And the person who gets bitten will have to be vaccinated. New research has shown that sometimes animals have the virus, but they survive for a long time, so if someone cuts an animal, they should get vaccinated immediately. The animal does not have any symptoms of the disease. The symptoms of rabies in the animal are characterized by changes in their habits, either silencing or not eating food.

He is afraid of the water. Or he runs out of anger with everyone. He has no tricks and sometimes some parts of his body become paralyzed. Whenever an animal is suspected of rabies. He should sleep to deathless painfully so that he cannot beat anyone.

Symptoms in humans: It usually takes 2 to 8 weeks from the time the animal is cut to appear, sometimes it can last from ten days to 2 years.
The closer the wound is to the brain, the more visible the symptoms will be. Even if the patient is a baby, the appearance of the symptoms will be immediate. When a virus reaches the brain or forbids it, it is impossible to survive. It may take ten to fifty days for the virus to reach the brain (in the last few years).

Symptoms :

1- Flow type effects, sore throat
2. Irritability and stiffness in the body, weakness.
3- Highly stirring and protesting behavior.
4. Strange thoughts, confusion – unusual physical movements
5. The severity of the injury – severe fatigue
6. Body weakness or paralysis
7. LAB – Religious abuse
8. Cough – headache, fever
9. To be afraid of water and air and move away.

Can’t swallow anything

This is a 1984 case. Registrar of TMC and Dr. Abdullah Shah Sahib of Lady Reading Hostel of Peshawar Pakistan. He had to write a research paper for his FCPS exam. With the advice of Al Khan, he decided to research rabies patients. So he started working on these patients and collecting material. Rabies – Crazy Dog Bites.

Patients who also came after the symptoms started, whether they had or did not receive the vaccine. They all died. Then, with the help of the newspapers and the health department, all the districts of the NWFP (now KP), especially Doctors reported that anyone who had a mad dog arrived at the Lady Reading Hospital’s Dry A unit soon. Besides, Malik Akhtar, the owner of the drugstore drug medico, was contacted to report a large amount of rabies vaccine.

Then a large number of patients started coming. And they were regularly assigned to a full course of duty or a vaccine made in Switzerland. It was soon learned that patients who applied the vaccinated vaccine on time were saved and created by the Islamabad Institute of Health. The vaccine was administered in government hospitals. None of them survived.

It was not known if there was a defect in the domestic vaccine or it was inaccessible due to lack of proper temperature (nowadays the vaccine is coming from India. We do not know its efficacy or not.). The poor patients were helped with the funds set up in the unit.

Eight patients came together from another bun. There were also children. They were leaving the mosque of their village after the Fajr prayer that a wolf appeared from the front. The beast attacked and killed eight of them. Fortunately, these people came to Lady Reading Hospital on time and got vaccinated.

And by the grace of God, they were all saved. They said that the wolf was killed. Dr. Shah Sahib had told him the day before that the wolf’s head was shaved. So soon this happened. I had to find out if he was a wolf rider.

So, with his head in the sack, a letter was sent to the Health Institute of Islamabad along with a letter from the unit’s officer, Dilbar. Police stopped him at the site of the incident. An officer pointed to the sack and asked. What’s in it? “Dilbar said.” The head of the wolf. “The official said angrily” You want us “,” Dilbar said. “You see.”An officer proceeded.

Opening the mouth of the bag, then screaming and running back. So Dilbar reached Islamabad. Later, according to the institute’s report, the wolf’s brain was filled with Negri Badinar. That is, he had rabies.

Another incident is also noteworthy. These days the governor of the province was Fazal Haq Sahib. One of his friends had the Khan of Raju Char Sada. The mad dog had been bitten. The friend had also been vaccinated with the domestic vaccine. In the meantime, Dracula entered the unit. He died the next day.

Letter from the Governor to Lady Reading Hospital MS Dr. Jamil Ahmed Sahib that my friend is following. I came to the hospital and died the next day. What was the reason for this? ”Professor unit of the response unit wrote.

About rabies and the fact that in the municipality of every major city under the British government, a person was destined to kill a wandering dog and he was paid a price for strychnine and a pesticide. Dogs were mixed and that led to their death. Nowadays, people put the money in their pockets and serve in the puppy officers’ homes.

The Governor issued orders in this regard and the bodies of wandering dogs were seen in the streets of Peshawar. This continued for a few weeks and then the usual situation came to the first Dagger.


Try to spread the necessary information about rabies to all the people. Do you know if this attempt will save someone’s life?
Eliminate stray dog ​​cats from your area.

Strap your pets around your neck. Keep them indoors but not outside. If you want to carry them out of the house, put a rope around your neck and keep it under your control. Get your pet vaccinated by a wealthy country. If your job is to work with animals, get yourself vaccinated.

There is not much work on vaccines for mixed breeds (such as those born of dogs and wolves).
So don’t bother them. Bloody dogs often bite their owners too.

Avoid touching dead animals. Touching dead birds also causes rabies.
If a suspected animal is bitten, wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water and then a few times, then apply the vaccine immediately, even if the wound is in the form of a rash.
The virus is in the saliva of the animal. Therefore, it may also be a risk to lick it.

The sooner the vaccine is applied, the better it will be, but even if it is delayed for a few days, you should apply. Keep the rabid animal closed.

If it dies within ten days, there was a rabid. If left untreated, the risk is not eliminated because according to new research, some rabid animals can survive for a long time, so each bite can be killed. Rebid, sauces if it does not have an effective vaccine.


Nothing can be certain about the efficacy of domestic and Indian vaccines. Therefore, only use vaccines made from France or Switzerland – if kept at the correct temperature.
For adults and children, the volume is the same. The elderly place the upper part of the needle in the deltoid and the infants in the front and back of the thigh.

Usually, it takes four injections. The first day, then the seventh. On the 8th and the eighth day, the first day should also be injected with the immuno-globulin. If it seems close to the wound, there is nothing left. Give up
In the end,

I request all Pakistanis to spread the knowledge about rabies to as many people as possible. And the government, the state of health, the system and the media should all work together to ensure that no human lives are lost from rabies. And the disease will be eradicated from our country.

Source UrduPoint.

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