Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy helps you in understand what we share on this website and what information you will get there. If you use our website, then the privacy policy must be obeyed, otherwise, I have the full right to block you from this website.

What information do we share on our website?

  1. We publish posts on various tips to stay healthy and fit.
  2. We provide natural remedies related to various health problems.
  3. We provide content on various health and beauty related topics like yoga, pranayama, exercise, food nutrition etc.

What type of information do we collect?

We collect your emails to send you our latest blog posts. We take your permission before sending any content to your inbox.

When ever you do comment in our comment box, We receive your web URL.

Why do we take the information from you?

We use your information in the below-mentioned ways:

  1. We try to make our website better by receiving your precious feedback.
  2. We can work on your requirements and needs by receiving your comments and emails.
  3. If you find any misunderstanding or inaccurate information on our website, we will look at it and take necessary action for the same.
  4. We use your emails for sending you the latest information and to reply to your inquiries and questions.

How to use Best Beauty health Tips?

  1. Please do not make any wrong comment.
  2. Please comment related to the blog posts.
  3. Please do not use any kind of abuse on your comments and do not make any kind of hate comments to anyone.

Do we use cookies?

Yes, We use cookies because cookies help browsers to recognize you on the internet.

Changes in Privacy Policy

We make changes in our privacy policy from time to time. Any changes in the privacy policy will be updated on this page.

Terms & Conditions

I hope you will follow our privacy policy for our website.

All Rights Reserved

We have full rights to block, delete or spam your comments. So, We hope you will never break our privacy policy.

If you have any questions related to our privacy policy, You can contact us at our Email- [email protected]

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