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Palm-End of Many Diseases

Palm-End of Many Diseases. Palm is a unique diet, in which all the essential ingredients are necessary to store energy in our body. Opening fast from the palm in Ramadan is therefore useful in comparison to other nutrients. It is capable of reinstatement of waste-free energy immediately.
Palm is a fruit, which is found mostly in the area of ​​Egypt and Gulf Persia.

It is one of the favorite foods of Prophets and Saints. Fresh fruits with palm trees, when called dry, are called dry.
Caused in the palm (carbohydrates), folded, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and Gitane B and c (vitamin B and C) are found in sufficient amounts. It does not contain fat.

It is very useful for palm heart patients. Apart from this, stomach bites make it beneficial to eat pesticide.

It is useful for diabetes patients. It is capable of rehabilitating energy immediately. Leaf and weak people, especially children and women who are entitled to the lack of blood loss and fatigue, if they have palm with daily milk If you eat, you are very upset.

Palm is the effective domestic medicine of the oldest occupation. The effects of aged palm food can be reduced to a large extent.
It is back pointed to strengthen the teeth and gums while grinding its dry leaves (paste) can be used as ointments on wounds.

Shaking the palm bits, adding milk to it can be prepared by putting in the grinder. This shake is very fun. There are some palm trees mixed with fine palm sauce also. In addition to milk and milk, It is cooked by adding dates. It is very delicious and healthy. If a shake, the sauce can be made remedial due to the shortage of time, then after eating it, two palm-meals are also essential for health.Palm-End of Many Diseases

source UrduPoint.

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