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Nutrition Nothing’s perfect, right? That includes things that are good for you, like super foods. I have written a few articles (and even a book) on super foods; mostly glowing accounts of their nutritional value and potential health benefits. Those are all true and good things, of course, but there are also some possible unusual side effects you may face when you eat large amounts of these foods. They are harmless, but they may make you say, “ick” or in case of a couple of, scare you a little bit.

Asparagus Pee:

Asparagus contains sulfurous chemical compounds that give your urine an unusual odor. It does not happen to everyone, but it’s fairly common. It happens quickly, too, so if you have eaten asparagus and you have not smoked anything funny, next time you peed, you are not one of the lucky ones who have this reaction. Aside from the unusual odor, asparagus is good for you. A and C. It is also possible that the compounds in asparagus can reduce your liver breakdown byproducts of alcoholic drinks – as long as you go before asparagus to eat it in low-calories, high in-fiber, high-fiber. out drinking Here’s a lengthier description of asparagus pee.
Green Leafy Poop

Spinach and kale are two fabulous super foods because they are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and a bunch of phyto chemicals that may have health benefits. If you eat lots of them, you will also have green stool. It may be more common if your “transit time” is too quick and the greens are not properly digested. It may scare you the first time you notice it, but it’s rare for green poop to cause any type of health issue. It’s the other colors you need to worry about. Amber Tresca, our Inflammatory Bowel Disease Guide at, has scoop on colored poop.
Red Beet Pee

Yeah, I know there’s kind of an excretory theme here. If you eat a healthy help of beets, you may notice that red or pink urine later that day or next. It can be horrifying because it looks like blood, and peeing blood is never a good thing. Red beet pe is harmless and it is actually a official name: Beeturia, which I think sounds like a good name for a Pokemon. Red urine is not a reason to give up on beets. They are low in calories, high in vitamins and fiber, plus some of these red pigments may have some health benefits. Peggy Trow bridge Filip pone, our Guide to Home Cooking here at, has everything you need to know about picking and cooking beets.
Garlic BO Nutrition

Garlic makes almost all the super foods lists and there is a ton of research on it’s health benefits. It can help reduce cholesterol, and aid in high blood pressure. Some people believe it helps prevent many forms of cancer as well. The thing is, if you eat lots of llic (or some laxlic supplements), you may probably be going to suffer from the lens of induced body odor. It’s probably due to your body’s unfortunate reaction to allicin, active chemical found in garlic. Dr. Cathy Wong, our Alternative Medicine Guide, has the lowdown on garlic. (Did you notice I did not make any garlic vs vampire jokes?)
Carrot Skin Nutrition

Carrots are rich in carotenes, which are related to vitamin A. They are found in the orange pigments and are good for you, but, if you eat lots and lots of carrots, you can make your skin a yellow or orange cast . It’s mostly noticeable on the soles of your feet and palms of your hands. If you have every “sawless tanning pills,” they probably are just high dosage beta-carotene pills. You will not get tan, you will turn orange. Officially this condition is called carotenemia and it is the most common in children, since they are less (do not worry – it’s harmless). Dr. Vincent Iannelli, our Guide to Pediatrics, has the details on carotenemia.
I guess I could also give a “honorable mention” to legumes and cruciferous vegetables like brocoli, brussels sprouts and cauliflower. They are all good for you, but their high-fiber content can also lead to potentially large bouts of flatulence.source HumariWeb.

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