5 Reasons Why Your Makeup Doesn’t Last All Day

In today’s world, just like we have trends in clothing, such as formal dresses and informal dresses, traditional and cultural. Wearing makeup has also become a trend for girls. No matter your style, dress color, eyes, or skin tone, there is always a makeup look for you that adds a gorgeous look.


Makeup makes you look fresh and pretty, but there is a disappointing fact that it stops looking fresh after some time. Many of you may observe that after some period, your makeup gets fades and starts looking dull, and even sometimes it makes you look ugly, and get to think that your natural look is better than wearing makeup.

Now the question arises why this happens? Why your makeup gets dull after some time even that you spent much on it. There can be many reasons behind this problem; our article has listed five reasons why your makeup does not last long. And these are below:

1. You Don’t Wash your face before putting makeup on  

One of the major reasons your makeup doesn’t remain on your face for a long time is that you don’t wash your face properly before putting on your makeup. If the face is not washed correctly or clean the dirt, oil, and other particles on your face, don’t let your makeup stay. And it also doesn’t look smooth when you put your foundation on. Makeup is just like doing the painting. When your canvas is no properly clean and clear, it will not show your proper artwork. So make sure to wash your face. It will be even better to do a cleansing with cleansing milk cream to give an extra glowing look.

2. You keep touching your face

Many of us have a very weird habit of touching our faces. We lean on our hands where ever we sit; the dust and germs stick to our hands, and we keep touching along them on our faces. You may have often observed that touching our hair makes them greasy and oily because of the warmth of our hands. The same goes for when you touch your face; the warmth of your hands, combined with the constant touching, melts your makeup from all those areas where you made that touch. However, you have used setting sprays, quality primers, or whatever. It will not last long when you keep touching your face.

3. You are not using Moisturizer

We have different skin types, dry, oily, and sensitive. And what mistake we make is that we don’t use makeup according to our skin type. If you have dry skin, it is vital to use a moisturizer, as it helps smoothens your skin surface, making it easy to apply foundation and concealer. Moreover, it can help make up to last long, and it looks less dull. Even having oily skin, most of us get our skin dry in cold weather, and when we apply makeup, it looks uneven and flawed. So it is good to keep a moisturizer to save your skin from getting damaged and keeping your makeup to the point.


4. You are not Using Setting Sprays

As makeup has become a notable trend and cosmetic industries are getting popular, these cosmetic industries are introducing new formulas to solve your problems regarding makeup. A setting spray acts as a finishing touch. It is getting popular because it is made with such a formula that helps to keep your makeup set for a long time. So if you feel that your makeup doesn’t last long, you are surely not using a setting spray. It is advisable to keep a setting spray with you when you feel your makeup is getting dull. Spray one or two times, and you will feel your makeup refresh again but use or eight to ten inches away from your face.

5. You Apply makeup Quickly

When you apply makeup too fast, it can also be the reason why your makeup doesn’t last long. Because makeup needs to settle down, when you put Moisturizer, foundation concealer, and setting spray all at once, it may get messy and give an uneven look and will not stay for a long time on your face. It is advisable to wait five to ten minutes after putting each makeup product.


Doing makeup is a favorite thing for every girl. Every girl wants to look pretty. But when your makeup doesn’t last long and looks perfect, all your money and efforts are wasted. There can be many reasons behind this, but some of the things that we all do are very common, which become the reasons our makeup gets spoiled.

If you are tired of this problem, that your makeup doesn’t stay for long. Then you are at the right place. This article has sorted out five reasons why your makeup doesn’t last, and these will surely help you get rid of this problem.

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