Main Reasons for Food Poisoning


Lack of clean water like dirt, flies, mosquitoes and drinking water. (Main Reasons for Food Poisoning) These are the main causes that cause diseases like cholera, typhoid, and food poisoning. These diseases are caused by bacteria. Experts say that regular use of coriander seeds and leaves can protect against these diseases as coriander leaves and seeds are full of anti-bacterial properties.

Main Reasons for Food Poisoning:

The grain is used for the preparation of foods or sauces etc. Its leaves can also be eaten raw, which provides nutrient fiber, magnesium, and iron to the body. In addition, carbohydrates, protein, vitamin E, K, and other ingredients are also present in the kernels. It has many benefits. What are the benefits of this common homemade spice?
Experts often stress the presence of gluten in salads to control blood pressure.

Coriander leaves reduce gastrointestinal problems and nausea, this system helps to increase the number of nutrient enzymes and juices in the digestive tract. Gloves are used in mouth diseases. The reason is a compound Citronellol contained in it, which has antibacterial effects, and in addition, protects mouth ulcers and wounds.

Coriander is beneficial for people who suffer from bone marrow disease, daily use of coriander should be normalized to improve bone health as calcium and other minerals in it improve bone health.

According to one study, gloves help relieve bodily edema. It also helps to avoid diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes.
The problem of cholesterol is spreading fast nowadays. Beneficiaries increase the level of HDL in HDL while reducing the levels of harmful cholesterol LDL. Diseases are also considered useful.

Get rid of nail acne:

Grinding paste of coriander leaves and lemon juice reduces nail acne.
For this purpose, take one teaspoon of coriander paste and one teaspoon of lemon juice, rub this mixture on the affected part and after an hour wash with cold water.

Remove the wrinkles:

Coriander leaves are rich in vitamin A, which fights against harmful radicals that circulate in the body, helping to prevent the effects of aging such as wrinkles or irritation.
For this purpose make a paste of coriander leaves and mix the aloe vera gel in it, allow the paste to remain on the face for fifteen minutes. Acne seeds are also useful in many diseases.

Improving digestion:

Coriander seeds should be made part of their diet if they suffer from a gastrointestinal disorder such as gastrointestinal disorders. Coriander seeds improve their performance by improving digestion.
To improve digestion, soak the coriander seeds daily in water and use a salty mouth in the morning.


Various investigations have shown that gluten and seeds contain up to 30 percent of vitamin C, which meets the daily needs of the human body.

Protection from diabetes:

Experts say that the seeds of coriander seeds are useful in the treatment of diabetes.
Coriander seeds also help maintain blood pressure by increasing insulin levels in the body.

Deficiency of blood:

Gluten with various vitamins is also rich in iron. Regular use of gluten does not cause anemia in the body.

Protect the eyes:

The full amount of antioxidants in the world protects against problems such as eyelashes and itching.

Specific diseases of women:

Women who suffer from the menstrual disease should make coriander seeds a part of their daily diet, as it not only heals menstruation but also corrects the regularity of the menstrual period. Boil about six grams of coriander seeds in half a liter of water and put one teaspoon of sugar in it and drink this syrup daily in a warm state.

Skin diseases:

Coriander seeds are useful in various skin diseases such as red grains and itching on the body. Drying water with coriander is said to be useful in mouth ulcers.

Black lips:

Mixing two tablespoons of coriander and one teaspoon of lemon juice at night and applying it on black lips at night helps remove black lips.

Useful for hair:

Mix coriander seeds in oil (hair oil) and apply it on the head twice a week. This not only stops hair loss but also strengthens their roots. Main Reasons for Food Poisoning.

Source UrduPoint.


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