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What is Iodine Deficiency and Procurement

Iodine Deficiency and Procurement

Iodine Deficiency and Procurement

Allah Almighty has given human rights. He is the greatest blessing because if health is maintained, enjoying all other blessings can also be wasted. If we have different health and life Consider the aspects, but the fact that most of the diseases are due to our defects or mistakes.

Apart from environmental and external factors in many diseases, such as lower illnesses such as lower blood pressure, and almost all illnesses including cancer wound blood pressure, our negligence and disorders are very intrinsic. They appear in some form of illness.
Sometimes it is too late for the illness to show that patients are justified for adultery rather than adultery.

The human body is the most complex and complicated creation of Allah, which will continue to understand and continue. Our body requires many ingredients to improve their growth and overall health, which can be found abroad. .The value of these ingredients can be gauged that their deficiencies are very negative effects on physical performance and ability to impediment or non-supply.

One of the most important ingredients is also an important term “iodine”, which is a small number of small amounts of coffee. Iodine Deficiency and Procurement.

What is iodine:

Over a few years, more than audiences are being heard. In this sense of mind, the question will be whether iodine is ended? Audien is actually one of the natural ingredients in the earth.
If the next is present in its natural condition, the crops that grow in the earth can achieve and operate it, but in badly it is not present in the ground, which is due to many reasons, such as glaciers cut and melting, bar Due to flooding and rising more artificial methods, the iodine earth is over and that humans are dependent on the ages that grow in the earth, so the ozone deficiency has fallen.

According to an estimate, the daily need for audios is approximately 50 millimeters in the body of an individual, however, in this sense of importance, it is important to remember and understand that excessive audiences are not stored in the human body and excess amount of urine The path disappears. While the body needs the same amount again. The lack of audiences in poor effects on human capabilities.
There is a daily need for audiences to work properly, so food is essential, which includes audiences.

Iodine deficiency diseases:

At present, more than one billion people in the world are facing the risks of ozone-borne diseases. The lack of avenue deficiency reduces fifty diseases, such as GOITER, THYROID GLAND, Due to the increase in swelling, dysfunction, turnover, birth disorders and mental and physical weaknesses in the front of the neck.

If the pregnant woman lacks a deodorant, the child deprives the essential source and results in mental and physical disability. If the mother does not have a severe reduction in her mother, then the child is apparently a visually visible, but mentally weak and Usually the level of emulsion (IQ) decreases, due to which it stays behind its colleagues in the school. Iodine Deficiency and Procurement.

If the lack of audiences is timely, the number of babies grows, their physical and mental condition will worsen. Due to the low deficiency of audiences, the reduction in the level of humidity becomes a major obstacle in the national development, because humans can not fully utilize their abilities and keep behind the development race. In a careful measure At times, 65 million people from one billion 60 million are suffering from inflammation, or bleeding in a large area.

This disease is inaccessible to the lack of audiences. The vagina gets swollen or swollen around the throat, which occurs in the throat of the throat. This disorder eliminates a hormone, which is a manifestation of the human mind. It is imperative for it. While this diversion does not get audiences, it works as much as possible to make the hormone in desired quantities and resulting in flowers.

Problems arising from the lack of ozone is a major decrease in physical abilities. The main thing in this regard, which is not generally considered, is to be affected by mental abilities. In general man’s mental abilities due to lack of avenue Reduces and decreases due to other problems. Due to a lack of avenues, due to the defects born in the human body, there has become an alarming situation around the world.

According to a UNICEF report, the physical development of the children born in the 1990s was deteriorated. The experiments on these children showed that in spite of better food consumption, the children were born in disasters and The main nervous system was destroyed.

The birth of children born to 100 million women appeared according to the initial period of age, but the children who had reached the age of school were deficient in vision, were partly part of the deaf, a few of them Hunting was a few hackles, when defects were born in different parts of the children.

Thus, the parents of 50 million children could not find out what kind of defects existed in their children. Today, all the children are suffering from illness and mental backwardness in their physical development, whose diet is low in the diet. Iodine Deficiency and Procurement

The lack of audiences and its acquisition:

Millions of people around the world are suffering from audiences in some way. Similarly, there is a decrease in ozone in foods in many people in Pakistan. According to diet data, 66% in Karachi, 87 percent in Lahore, 76 percent in Islamabad and 64% of Quetta in Quetta are expected. Most people in the world are suffering from audiences at this time. Initially, in Pakistan, this problem was in Northern Territories, but according to a 1993 survey, audiences were also found in those living in major cities of Pakistan. Is.

An easy prescription for the situation was discovered to find if the diet does not include audiences, the cheaper and cheaper way of getting audiences is to add audiences to the salt. Let’s say that in every house Therefore, in the case of ozone-rich salt, the situation was controlled in industrial countries. The use of iodine salt was started 80 days earlier in the US, UK, and Switzerland. Etc. Usage started in 1978.

Audien meal process has also begun in Bangladesh, India and Iran etc.. Aviden is the easiest, cheapest and effective solution to prevent all the diseases caused by salt-eaten food.

Iodine Deficiency and Procurement

Source UrduPoint.

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