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In a cautious estimate, about 15% of the couples are all those who do not become parents during a year, when 25 to 30% married couples are two that are inferior with INFERTILITY problems. In such a situation, people of Pakistan are also two.
This problem is not just about women, but it can be either or both.

40-30% of men are male-obliteration and 70-60 percent because of women, when both of them occur in 10 to 20% .Used water does not change, if the cause is discovered, treatment is possible.
If a pregnancy is not found for a year after marriage, it is not worried. In this case, the spouse should consult with the physician.
If the woman is 30 years old then this age is best for the baby’s birth.

Women’s digestion has naturally good reproductive edges, not growing, but their age starts decreasing. A child who has been in mother’s womb for 20 weeks, Interruptions
It contains 50 to 70 million eggs. This is a huge number of diseases, which is in a mother.
Stages begin to end at this stage.
Then the number of children remains on the birth of 10 to 20 million.
When the woman’s age is 40 years, only 3% of the remaining remainder and 51 years of age when a woman begins to sleep, the number of these seeds is only 100.This will naturally disappear every month. The duration of elimination can be less or more .While many ends soon, and somebody else is late.
Say, if 25 years of age face a problem with a respiratory problem, then she should refer to a specialist physician. If she goes to the general physician, she wastes time and after reaching 40 years of age At its reproduction, a large number of people lose their reproductive standards, resulting in a child born with defects or abortions.

Apart from this, there are many reasons for abortion .If these are considered, then the next get rid of the confusion .But sometimes there is a problem in the womb, which has to be spent. The error address goes from Ultra-Sound.
Similarly, there were complaints of respiratory in the past, but in this time these languages ​​used to be common language. Interruptions
People used to pardon it on destructive fate. In the form of development, as advances and advancement of technologies, respiratory treatment was also discovered. It has been found that concerns relating to change in nutrition and lifestyle. There are problems and mental stresses of metaphor, thyroid globally. When mental pressure increases, production of reproductive materials is stopped.

Keep in mind that at the age of 30 women’s reproductive seeds begin to decrease and the chances of becoming her mother at the age of 40 are someday. Sometimes it also happens that there are adequate amounts of seeds, But women do not become mother. This is due to the fact that their hormones are worsened, then specialist therapists correct this disorder, thus increasing the pediatrician’s growth. 

Approximately thirty percent of men’s reproductive substance is not dynamic and its amount is reduced, so a particular method of treatment called “IUI”, with the help of large amounts of reproductive material in the vagina Reaches, which increases the chances of fertility of seeds. This method of treatment is tested, where the reproductive substance is not dynamic or moderate.
Apart from this, the second method of treatment called “IVF”, is mixed with female reproductive edema in the laboratory from the reproductive material of men. In this process, the genre (EMBRYO) is prepared, which keeps in germs from three to five days. This genre is then placed in female vagina .If this way she is not pregnant then the third method is “ICCI” (ICSI is adopted.
In this, reproductive substance is transmitted directly to the vagina with the help of syringe so that it can be enriched.
In these modes, many vaccines are done and tests are also done, such as women, have trouble, which have to endure to become a mother.

source UrduPoint.

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