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How to Remove the Heat of the Stomach

How to Remove the Heat of the Stomach. There is probably one of us, which has never been complained of gastrointestinal disorders, due to which it is usually the heat of the stomach, which causes the pepper to eat, fried and cured in the main cause.

There are more food items, showcase, and pizza food habits and tobacco. The heat or increased temperature of the system is the result of the functioning of the digestive system.

If this complaint is not taken away from any method, there may be invaders attacking, one of which is the THRUSH.
In this disease, due to the heat of the stomach, it becomes spinal in the mouth and due to stirring it, the pepper gives years of spoil, but sometimes it becomes difficult to eat.

The meaning of meaning has come from the fact that this disease usually affects those who eat very fast peppers and cereal foods.
If we can stay on food with spicy pepper and encourage the pancreatic pizza and poultry seeds to grow consciousness and to live close to nature, it can be protected from the disease.

If this disease is complicated, then you should refer to an authentic physician, but there are also domestic measures, which can save the heat from the heat.

Below are some food-related drainage-related foods, so that people are suffering from this disease, they can be healthy by eating them:


Useful gastrointestinal help helps increase the bacterial amount, which causes stomaching of heat and can be saved from system digestion. Apart from this, the stem is also valid.According to the diet, digestion starts to become digestive and the discomfort ends.

Cool milk:

Drinking moisturized milk decreases the increased temperature of the stomach, which reduces acidity and stomach in the stomach. Because the milk remains cold, therefore the pain associated with the heat ends. Always a glass of cold milk is very useful.


The plant also removes the heat of the stomach, because its effect is cool. If it is hot in the stomach, it is useful to drink it with a drink of water or drink.

Boiled rice:

If heat is stomach in acidic acids, acidity is also beneficial from boiled rice.
Healthy and fried foods.Heat items, spicy peppers, and fried foods for food and prevent moisture from eating heat.

source UrduPoint.

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