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How Can Yoga Cure Liver Problems?


What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that has originated and been carried down through generations in the Indian Subcontinent. Yogis and rishis have adopted the yogic way of living for generations and have been able to achieve tremendous benefits from the same.

Only recently, this art form has been professionalized and is being taught in various schools. These schools offer a wide variety of courses that involve learning many asanas. Some famous and well-known courses include the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, which includes many forms of yoga, kriyas, and breathing practices.

What is a Liver Problem?

To understand what a liver problem is, it is imperative to first have an understanding of what a liver is. The Liver is an organ that is located in the right-hand corner above the abdominal cavity and is normally responsible for regulating the chemicals in one’s body and excretes a substance known as bile. It is dark red and is shaped like a cone.

The Liver problem is a situation where the liver is not able to function properly and is not able to clear the body of the unwanted particles. Liver problems if remain untreated can lead to various diseases and severe health problems. Some of the main causes of liver problems include lack of exercise, being overweight, consumption of alcohol, or unhealthy food habits.

How to cure Liver Problems with yoga?

Yoga is known to have numerous benefits that include both physical as well as mental benefits. Various studies have shown that practicing the art of yoga along with a healthier lifestyle can lead to the proper and efficient functioning of many organs like the lungs, heart, kidney as well as liver. Furthermore, through yoga, one can also ensure that the proper weight of the liver is maintained.

As mentioned above, it is known that some liver problems may occur due to unhealthy consumption and accumulating excess fat. Yoga helps an individual to not only maintain their body weight but also regulate their digestion. This means that through yoga you can ensure that your body weight is maintained and that the food you consume is digested properly thus reducing the pressure on the liver to a large extent.

Thus we can say that yoga attacks the root cause of liver problems and ensures that it is removed permanently. Unlike medicines’ that have a temporary effect on the individual, yoga practice can show positive results over time and can last over a longer period. Therefore, yoga can cure liver problems and is one of the best ways to treat them.

In this article, we will further discuss the various yoga poses and asanas and how they can be practiced to benefit the liver. Several well-known yoga schools teach asanas to help with liver problems and have inbuilt the same in courses like the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. Therefore, some of the yoga asanas to treat liver problems is as follows:

The Downward Dog Pose:

The downward dog poses also called the Adho Mukha Savasana is usually performed by forming an inverted “V” on the yoga mat. This is one of the best asanas to improve lower body flexibility and reduce excess weight on the liver. As a result, this asana ensures that your liver always remains agile and away from inefficiency and problems.

The Garland Pose: 

The Malasana or the Garland pose is designed to improve one’s power of digestion. This is a very common yoga asana available in various yoga shalas like the Yoga School in Rishikesh and is responsible to improve the capacity of the stomach, liver, and kidney. Thus performing this asana daily ensures that the food is digested properly, as a result of which the liver is not pressurized beyond its limits.

The Boat Pose:

The boat pose of the naukasana is a new addition to yogic exercises and is very commonly used because of its benefits. This asana detoxifies the liver and helps to clear out any kind of problematic chemicals or germs that may have remained. Thus this asana acts as a detoxifier and purifier to cure related liver problems.

The Cobra Pose:

The Cobra Pose or the Bhujangasana is a very common pose to be practiced by anyone who wants to treat any kind of problem related to their internal body. This pose aims to stretch the upper and the lower body in separate ways to help improve oxygen and blood flow and ensure that the organs function properly. This pose helps keep the liver in shape and maintains its flexibility.

The Locust Pose:

The locust pose is a yoga asana that increases the vitality and the efficiency of the liver. This asana also called the Salabhasana is an intermediate-level yoga pose which when performed properly can cure liver problems for a lasting effect. This is a very specific pose built to improve liver functioning and is one of the best poses to help cure liver problems.

Thus from the above, it can be seen that liver problems can indeed be cured with the help of regular yoga and a healthy way of living.

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