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What Are The Healthy-and-good-suffering-fruit


The deliciously created delicious colors include colorful delicious fruits. Each tree has its own unique structure and taste. The lungs are called the best source of nutrition and energy. While healthy and medical characteristics If you do not know what you’re looking for, then do not worry about it.

If this is not the fruit of apple or orange but it is considered to be a very important factor due to great taste and energy.
Papaya is a fruit that is considered as a friend of elders because the ability to cure the liver and intestines in this fruit is higher. This includes the increase in the ability to combat disease due to Modjonaments A’C’D and E. Is.

It is sweet and it gives a perfume of “much” .The fruit is very fertile. Perfectly not only fruits but its tree leaves’ peel ” and ‘root’ It is also useful and use it in the preparation of different drugs.

Papaya tree:

Papa was introduced several centuries ago, it is about 16th Century CE.
It is said that this fruit has come from southern Mexico and Central America and it is now cultivated in the warmest parts of the world and semi-region areas. This fruit is often found in hot parts of the world. Most of our cultures are cultivated in our country, especially in Karachi and Thatta district.

The coastal area of ​​the coastal region grows its tree very well and it flows well there. The planting tree grows from the sowing of seeded pepper; ‘Its tree is long. Its length is about 10 to 12 feet. It is also good to see this. It was the first to be scattered in Mexico, and after seeing it started cultivating around the world. It is the fruit of the hot region. So its tree is at least water.

Approximately 100 fruits can be obtained from a papaya tree and every fruit weighs about one kilogram. It is a very soft toxic fruit. Yes, its delicacies are still not able to cultivate its trees everywhere ‘ For this, it is essential for fertility of the land and not only fertility but also hot water, therefore, the tree of trees is most commonly used in our country, especially in Sindh province.


There are two types of papaya trees, a male and other substance if you plant a tree planted in your house’s courtyard, then you will notice that there is no small white color of flowers in this tree. This tree will not give fruit and it will prove to be helpless for you.

When the flowing tree starts fruiting, it is first to fall from it and white in it, and when you cut it from the middle, then in the middle There are small white color seeds, the papaya is still rough, but after the baking, its color changes, it seems to be fertile and tasteful.This fruit is available throughout the year.

Paperback addresses:

Like the banana tree, almost every part of the pipe tree is said to be the car and its therapeutic significance. Many pipe tree leaves have the ability to kill stomach bugs. The relaxed (caprine) present in the heart strengthens the heart like a cathedral.

This lakeside also has germination potential. ‘Therefore, the treatment of stomach screws proves to be proven. Poppy leaves are very beneficial for mothers who are breastfeeding. If the baby’ s newborn baby lacks milk If you are complaining, after crushing her leaves and then cooking them lightly in the semi-hot case, she opens with lubricants, and the milk opens well.

If you have pain, warming your leaves at the spot of pain, you have to relax. Tap leaves are a natural feature of pain. Healthy-and-good-suffering-fruit:
Its root is also like a paperback leaves because the root of the papaya tree is urine. It is also useful for saliva. It is better if it is used by adabaya advice.

Papaya Milk:

Papaya milking is advanced digestion. Apart from the digestive insects, it also kills insects. To eliminate pattice, two tea spirals are fresh milk and the amount of honey and its honey. Aerial water should be mixed with an infected patient. Approximately 2 hours of it, after the patient, feed the orange oil (castor oil) in a small amount.

Which will get ridiculous and as well as the stomach of the stomach? If necessary to feel necessary, these processes can be repeated on the other day. Children under age should be given in sufficient quantity and milk is sufficient for children under three years of age. It is more useful to extract papaya milk fresh.

If you do not have to save the papaya and save it, then it is the way that the white water drops, keep it on a clean cloth to protect it so that it absorbs in the cloth and drying. This cloth will remain in the form of saffron.
Dry it and keep it in a bottle. Usually, this saffron is mixed with half the amount of sandwich, after being mixed with a little sugar, it is difficult to eat and it starts eating hungrily.

Papaya’s milk is also useful for black cough and wastewater treatment. It is useful for use in case of torture. It is useful to feed 10 to 20 drops of honey or sugar.By applying the paperboard milk


Planting milk on the paperboard does not pepper. Use pepper milk to be used to feed meat. It is possible that the milk present in the ripe capsules the flesh quickly. Cutting in the shadow and cutting it in the shadow, it is sufficient to cook only one rock of this sauce cooking meat.Tasty papaya is also cooked as a vegetable.

Medical symptoms of  Papaya which is grown up to 50-60 centimeters, while weighs approximately 2 kg to 2 kg. This fruit is a full diet. This diet uses some daily diet requirements such as protein ‘mineral ingredients and vitamins etc. It is complete. Vitamin C is increased in the same way as the fruit gets cooked.

Car bond rates in papaya are converted into sugar. Therefore, it is intriguing food. The papaya is especially deeper than the system digestion. Using its use, the function of the liver and the intestine remains sharp. The papaya is cleaned by eating and cleansing it, and the intestine is a small tooth I get in high quantity. This way the digestion increases.

Food after eating healthy and ghee foods make it easy to digest food, it helps in eating it especially. Papaya is the result of strengthening the liver and stomachs. It is also beneficial for patients and tuberculosis patients. It is useful medicine to bring increased tubes and liver to the right condition. All of these diseases are cooked pepper for salvation.

It must be found in a paper containing “pop in”, a lack of gastrointestinal fluid “is extremely helpful in depression and intestinal depression due to the unprofessional white fluid of the stomach. Recipe for bloody hemorrhoids and diarrhea. The seeds of papaya seeds show good work in digestive and bloody hemorrhoids. They use pepper seeds to use seeds of papaya.

Papa puts many nutritional strengths inside her and has many benefits. It improves liver. It also causes fatigue material and throat to remove thieves that exit through the urine.

It is also useful in psychiatric illness. Variation of pepper difference in swelling of the diet. Popa is not only digestive but also helps to digest other nutrients. For children who are nutritious and nutritional needs of elders, Papaya is the best tank for completing it. It is also an advanced energy diet for pregnant women and breastfeeding women.

Rough papaya is useful for the hardness and vomiting of the nose. It is useful to eat as many as eight to ten days after the number of grapes in the grape head, it is useful to eat mouth smell.

Do not ignore the papaya by thinking it as a minor and fruitful diet. It is very valuable and useful for food. It is useful for health since it uses useful ingredients like mango and bananas. Health has positive effects and obesity is not likely to have ‘papaya’ sweet and pleasant flavor.

This fruit is a healing power. Its great medical aspects have been known in ancient times. In ancient times, eating food contains valuable nutrients and blood is cleaned and headed on head and face.

Papaya and Orthodox beauty:

Healthy well-being is also a useful fruit for beauty. Everything has been celebrating the benefits of using past centuries for centuries, and now this fact has been recognized throughout the world. This is because the Peptota protein solution is an enzyme headache. The paperboard juice is also meant for rescue from storms and it is particularly popular in females of hot regions. It is because the rugs The paperboard juice can be extremely acute, due to our skin continuity dead and poor cells are sweeping so that new and healthy cells can replace them.

As our age goes down:

The process slows and the deadly layers of dead cells are thickened. It easily becomes dry. And it looks like dry lines and deep vessels are displayed. The process of breaking the tight layers softly “Pipeline “The protein solution called” enzyme “can be performed by anemia, which is found in paperboard only.

Before cooking of pipeline papaya, while the fruit is still raw, it is’ an extreme level of activity. ‘It solves the powerful enzyme dead and poor cells’, after which only new and healthy cells remain there. The juice of ripe drinks is a quick remedial treatment of the disease. Its use causes the flames and the brown stomach erosion from the sun to the face.
Fungus and Dad also benefit from the absorbent skin. It gives skin care. Its regular use becomes soft and soft.

Mixing raw milk mixed with almonds or a good cream, softening the hands and face of the face reduces the face and stains from the face.Additionally, apply cooked pipette and apply it on your face after 15 minutes clean the face with semi-hot water. This mask provides help in removing the skin and skin color. Since the papaya contains such anxiety (chemical) Articles) that mix skin cells and separate them from the body. It complicates skin and tightens the skin.

This can be used for every kind of skin as a mask .Healthy-and-good-suffering-fruit: Papaya juice juice 150 ml and this quantity of beans or beans and beans Healthy-and-good-suffering-fruit:

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