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What Are The Hazardous Effects of Heat

Hazardous Effects of Heat & Heat View

Prof. Dr. Syed Aslam, FCRC (Edinburgh) FACC (USA):
When the heat wave increases the temperature of a large number of people, it increases the amount of heat due to the effect of heat. This type of condition is usually in such situations, Travel in the day of sunshine and salt vapor which is removed through sweat should not be recycled.

Such a condition can also occur in a hot warm room. In this case, the body temperature becomes very high, but the pistachios do not come perfectly, the body becomes completely hot and it becomes unconscious.
The condition of the fetal occurs when the sunset intensity is to be tolerated for a long time. Joggles are not accustomed to the heat and hard work, they become vulnerable to it.

Similarly, fungal people cannot tolerate heat. If the clothes are too thick or lighter, the effect of the heat gets smooth, when the wind becomes dry, it becomes easy to drink. Unfortunately, the human body also reduces the amount of water. Therefore, the effect of heat on liquor nuts quickly. After examining the people taking it, it shows that kidneys, liver and other organs have reached enough side of their brain.

Usually, if any work harder in the heat, the body’s temperature increases, the headache, the arrows, the anxiety increases, the body becomes dry, the pistachios do not come exactly and the temperature is 105 fonts It is more than usual. The speed of fasting and sometimes becomes irritated. The breath moves rapidly. The skin becomes stomach and sometimes it becomes bloody.

Urine becomes very low. This way the condition of the disease becomes very delicate and dangerous. The stress of your heart falls very much, so if a person knows that it is a sharp fever, the body is dry, The psychiatric condition is uncomfortable and it has been stirring heat in the wilderness, so it should be understood that it has been lean. In recent cases, malaria also occurs in some cases.

The treatment should be instantaneous and cooling the body should be done by heat or up to 101 or 102rd inches high.It should only be done within an hour. The body is strained in the water of Brief, and the body is a massacre . Then heat temperature is checked every minute after 3 minutes and as soon as the temperature reaches on 102 further If the temperature is too high then after waking off the tap water, it is less than keeping it on the left.

It is important for early treatment as it is necessary that if some hours pass through the condition of iron, the chances of getting infected are reduced. These patients should also give oxygen, glucose and salt water. After some crack, some fatty thick There are complaints, but they continue to occur sometimes. Apart from developing, working continuously in heat causes physical disorders to remain healthy, and the blood is found on the body and it is unconscious in nature.

Hazardous Effects of Heat & Heat The body remains dry and its temperature increases. Occasionally, the effects of heat begin to get dizzy, and it becomes odorless. So it is usually due to the heat standing in the summer. Some people burn in the heat of the summer and the paddles I feel harder to wear.

Mother tongue and tongue dry and circles around the eyes.Every time it is tired, hunger aggravates and does not want to do any work. The special reason for these symptoms and diseases is heat and heat, but it is because water and salt are lost from our bodies.If If you meet these symptoms and complaints, you will be able to survive a lot, so in the summer season, more than thirst should be used, 12 glasses daily.

Likewise, heat loss and chances of heat will likely decrease.
The water keeps our body cool, just as a vegetable stays in the hot air itself, as it is water inside it. The water drops from the level of water and keeps it cool, the same is our body. Due to lack of water, the system of cooling of the body is suspended and the body comes under the effects of heat, which can be tremendous to severe.

Have a sharp look When the sunglasses occur on the body, blood circulation increases on the skin level, thus removing the blood of blood in the form of sweat. The value of the sweat is removed, so the body’s heat will be removed and the body will disappear. It will keep cool.If the water gets drunk in sufficient quantity, this chain will continue and there will be no pain.

If heat and sunshine continue to be late and the heat is lost, it is appropriate. If the quantity is not rectified, the water will reduce the body and the sweat will stop, which indicates that this person has entered the risky phase.

When there are heat and heat in the summer, there is a lot of fear to get lost. In some cases, there is no need to heat too much heat or wash, but a person who has risen from the disease, his body I have a deficit or diarrhea or its water is lost, if there is also a slight heat in the heat, the effect may be lean.

Due to the effect of heat, the body’s growth starts to grow and the quality of hard fever is born. Most of the blood is circulating towards the skin, so in those people, the body of other organs, such as heart, mind, Gastrointestinal and kidneys decreases the risk of blood, and they suspect nausea, diarrhea, and low blood sugar. When the body increases and increases, then the muscles Bills and body dry.

This is a very intense and neutral form of iron, life can be dangerous if it is not treated. The effects of heat are more on those who are not normally accustomed, they live in cold places or their color is dark. Moreover, children and women are also more likely to have heat. Those people Blood transfers, such as vein heart and vein brain patients, may increase the risk of bleeding due to blood thickening.

Apart from this, people who do not work well, due to the lack of water (which may result in coming to the pistachios), they can be very ill, so they should be cautious and lack of water. It should be noted that the actual problem is salt and water. Hazardous Effects of Heat & Heat

Protection promise:

It should be evident from the beginning that the effect of heat effects is due to the lack of water in the body and especially water. The continuous water from our bodies is also exposing so that we do not realize it. Throughout the cold weather and moisture, almost half of the sulfur water is lost in unnecessary ways, which is a glass of celebrations. Water is equal to it.

When water is hot and more sweat, the waste of water becomes multi-dimensional, which can be two thousand millimeters and sometimes more than that, 10 to 10 glasses of water. It is an effective source of water emission, reducing heat, and cooling the body. If this temperature is not exhausted, life is impossible. It is worth mentioning that sweat is removed from the skin ‘s skin.

This is interesting that There is a tradition of drinking water in the world and there is a lot of losses in a warm country like us. The old ruler advises that whenever you get out of the house, drink water, especially in the summer season. In order to heat the heat, it is necessary that the water should be more than thirst, which should not be less than 10 times a glass of glasses.

When a person suspects that Lu’s effect has been removed, it should be removed in a cool place, more than the body on the body, especially Nylons should be removed. Because heat is not exhausted. It is appropriate if the welding wrap in the water on the four-pie of the pie is removed and it is removed.

The body temperature will decrease in this way. The cold heat is reduced due to the implicit effects of the heat if the body gets moisture reduced due to cold water and the ice strips are placed on the head. , Which can be used in raw salt, when the patient can not drink water from the ground, salt is added to the glucose vein. To keep the blood pressure effects, the soles and paddles should be abrasive to the top.

After the treatment is correct, try to avoid heat and sunshine several days.
From ancient times, which are used for treating the prescription lu, it contains famous syrup (lymph water), syrup acne, chronic inflammation, Lankan bark, dried potatoes, carrot syrup, vinegar or potato syrup. The main significance of salt is salt and water. The item can be added to taste and perfume, but the salt and water shortage is not met, but only acid and lime will not work.

Hazardous Effects of Heat & Heat It is also recommended that eating vegetables in summer is given to them, and they are the result of which their effect is cool. A vegetarian diet is therefore hot that the fat does not have enough water.

In the summer season, people drink water from home and keep water in plastic bottles along the way, so that they can drink at the time of need. This is a fitness factor.

Source UrduPoint.

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