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How To Get Nutrition and Healing from Fruits!

Get Nutrition and Healing from Fruit Fruits are the oldest and most recognizable form of food. In the first place, nature has assembled many nutrients that the human body desperately needs to keep fit. Vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are found in fruits.
Nature has been useful in fruits in terms of seasons. Fruits in the rainy season not only provide nutrients to the body but have also been found useful in many diseases.
The following is a list of some of the delicious and juicy fruits of the rainy season.


In the rainy season, potato is considered to be a useful fruit for the relaxation of the heart and body. If there are heat and heat, then eating a few potatoes in such a way helps to restore nature.
Cold potatoes absorb body heat.

Heart stimulates consciousness, relieves mood irritation. Headache is caused by heat, anxiety increases, nausea, vomiting, indigestion. Eat potatoes in the heat of the liver. If blood pressure is not high then grinding black salt and sprinkling it lightly will strengthen the gastrointestinal liver.
Some people have dizziness. Get Nutrition and Healing from Fruits!

Long-lasting constipation. Feeling ringing. They can be safe from these problems if they eat breakfast potatoes daily at breakfast. The nature of pregnant women is not inclined to eat. She will eat hunger, she will be hungry. Fever has the same strength as two loaves. If weak, recovering from illness, adding potatoes to the diet will relieve weakness.

Experts say that eating a few grains daily in the potato season can prevent many diseases. Eat them as long as the season’s potatoes are available.
Heat in the bladder, increase blood acidity. Gas complaints in the stomach all the time. There is a constipation period. In the morning, if you have bad taste, eat potatoes. Becomes itching.

In such a case, eating potatoes and syrup again twice a day makes a difference. Potato sauce and jam are also made, and the sweet sauce of dried potatoes is appetizing with a pleasant taste.


In the rainy season, the rash can become ailments quickly. These are signs of density in the blood. Purple and semi-useful for cleansing the blood.
The jam pulp fruits are both useful.
A good gift for diabetes patients – It also works all year long by teaching the knees. Controlling the heat, unnecessary heat inside the human body. It also cleanses the blood. It is useful for temperament. Inside it is acidic acid that increases appetite, strengthens the gastrointestinal and intestines. It also removes irritation and itching. Get Nutrition and Healing from Fruits!

When the urine burns to red due to heat, it is relaxed to eat jam. It is said to be useful in diseases like nausea, edema. Eating according to the means of eating should improve Jamun. Some people put a few hundredths of it. They also eat it with jaggery with salt pepper.

Jamaica not only relieves weakness of the body but is also said to help with abdominal pain. Teach jam nut to be mixed with salt and pepper, and is said to be useful in most dental diseases.
Peach is a healthy fruit. It keeps our skin healthy. It cures respiratory distress, asthma, hypertension, kidney edema, anemia, neurological weakness, acidity, etc.

Peach juice and jam are also available. Peach also protects the beauty of women. Eat it and apply it. Peach scrub and mask refresh the skin. If there are bugs in the stomach, eat three or four peaches in the evening. Stomach bugs get out of place. Peanuts are hungry. Digestion and stomach are fine. You can also make a peach litter. Get Nutrition and Healing from Fruits!
Apricot is a fruit of many medicinal properties. The health treasure is hidden within a small box of dry apricots. The use of acne protects the skin from aging and nerve weakness. It also protects the knees, joints, and muscles from pain and provides strength to the heart and brain. Using dry apricots before eating a meal improves digestion. It also helps to keep the gut healthy.

It is also useful for bone health due to its rich in calcium. Dried asparagus is also found in plenty. A large amount of fiber found in it also makes the body’s metabolic function more active. Which helps to lose weight.
Asparagus also controls the high levels of fiber in the blood, which reduces the risk of developing heart diseases. Using a half cup of dry apricot is useful for the health of the heart. It contains iron blood. Vitamins A, C, potassium, steel, and beta-carotene are most common in acne.
Get Nutrition and Healing from Fruits!
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