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Fasting Ramadan and Health

Fasting Ramadan and Health. Indeed, the labor and efforts of life are a lazy life. We see that the economy of human beings is the name of struggling and strife, therefore, naturally, its meaning is allocated in kindness and difficulties and the overall status of the situation Life immunity is the burden of responsibilities and continuous temptations.

It is narrated in the Qur’an:

“Of course we have made humans in such a way that their lives are tremendous.”

They live in movement, they are blessed. Those who make struggles and struggles to Saeed constantly and conspiracy, the fate of this world becomes their source, and when their purpose is Allah and His love, then the greatness of humanity Enables the extremists.

Fasting is worship and duty. His physical and spiritual advantages are Muslim. Other benefits related to me is that, as a means of fasting, it is also that the person who faces all kinds of blessings and is able to drink his food, The custom order deprives of God, when he loses his hand by eating food, loses himself alone, namely, and when he feels like this, then he must be considered to be the one who is impartial.

Do not miss sister-in-law.
It should be the feeling of hunger, which fates fate and should be attributed to this thesis, is given by Joshua Machesh  Hayat and Principles of allegiance.

If a fasting soul does not know and know about this selfish person, then, in my opinion, the powers of his spirit should be awakened. When you fast, Creator obeys the universe’s command.

Tropical sunrise sunset, what you prohibit on yourself is your own action and your conscience, which makes you bound .when you ban and do not break the ban, you know that Knower is God only and with this belief, you observe the compliance.

This training of obedience is also the title of fasting, the one who obeys and obeys the Highest, the All-Wise, gives you the full freedom of eating, but does not spare a limit.

Its meaning is that we do not eat so much on the side of the extravagance and on our other hand causes our body and our soul to become causal. Whenever we eat more and more, our body and its system Will not accept and it will be lost.

It does not mean that we can not only influence our economic system in Ramadaan but instead of eating excessive drinking habits, create new problems for ourselves.

Those who are capable of unbalanced by unbelievable delight, they must see their neighborhood and their society that no one is doing the fate.
In my opinion, the arranged vitamins of fasting in Ramadan are usually against the soul and spirit of this month. People are often harmful to diversity in drinking.

Usually, we eat as much as we eat, in the morning, and after that, we prepare for the morning in the morning, if we are praised for food, but in our physical requirement more precisely We must calculate it.
The fact that everything in the world is closer to reality, the more comfortable and prosperous, and the nature of nature is that it is not even confused in any corner.

The confusion is born, created by composition and compression.
I personally do not eat anything in the Ramadan for the last several years, during the fasting, the futurism, ie, big, pulmonary, pearls, chestnuts, pearls and potato potatoes, etc. This is because I fast fasting from palm and If possible, Huntington may be unconscious in the West, a glass of milk, a toasted bread without a butterfly, butterfly egg and bus. Fasting Ramadan and Health

I eat less simple meals in the winter. Good food and rice left in Ramadan. I have stopped working on this routine for years and I do not have any problem.

Maybe I will not make mistakes if everyone advises them to do so. It should be done that by doing so no harm will hurt health. On the contrary, it has the benefit of both body and soul.

Then see what is happening in Taraweeh and Fajr prayers. What is the prayer that is ruku? If the water is thrown into the throat and the prostration is getting out of the mouth like a meal.

Today modern science has proven that fast eliminate cholesterol. This is the same blood cholesterol, which is the biggest cause of heart diseases. Fasting is a blessing on this scientific discovery in today’s world. Science is known today, its meaningful end was on the authority of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and it was necessary, therefore, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) has said that fasting is due to the body, and Muslims are moderate and moderate.

source UrduPoint.

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