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Fast in Ramadan

Most of the Muslims fast for 11 to 16 hours during Ramadan. However, in the polar regions, between sunrise and sunset, summer can exceed twenty-two hours.
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End: the last night of the month Ramadan
Observed: Muslim
Start: on the last night of the month Sha’ban

Fasting means that you do not eat for some time before laboratory tests. Some blood tests are sensitive to food in your system, and fasting ensures that the test results are more accurate. Some of the common tests that require fasting are blood cholesterol, triglyceride and glucose tests.

The doctors and experts from Lahore around the world have written several research articles, which have been proven that one month after the fasting, the body secures many types of dentists and diseases.

The fact that your Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) proclaimed about 14,000 years ago, today the doctor has come to the conclusion that when we break from palm, an intestinal tile present in the lung combustion involves chewing it to the ingredients. Converts into glucose, which restore the body’s quick energy.

The body lacks glucose deficiency. Hypoglycemic shock may also occur due to the decrease in glucose in the body, hyper-glued cucumber. Inflation from palm gives quick energy.

There is no unnecessary burden on the stomach. Compared to palm, using other sweet items or drinks is a risk of fasting during pregnancy. How can a patient fast

If the patient’s patient is fasting, then it is more beneficial for them to palm because they are afraid to reduce the sugar level very much.

Some people do not wake up for the festival. It is Sunnah for fasting. Fasting without fasting reduces the utility of fasting.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) emphasized that the Sahib must do it. By eating food, a person becomes a victim of physical weakness. It also affects all body functions.

Those who eat unhealthy semen do not fulfill all the shortcomings during fasting, which may be worried about being harassed. Eat so much that there is no power to read the prayer.

Cold drinks and coffee

No cold drinks should be used in the winter. Coffee may also increase acidity in the stomach. Additionally, during the season, more snacks should be avoided, such as spices and spices.

When you wake up for the sun, drink two glasses of water and then eat food. Sleeping quickly is healthier health. Wait for a while after the evening. Light down

Read the Koran Go to the mosque for prayer and then relax. Effects should also be moderate. Avoid Khamamah’s name and energy drinks in Aftab. Instead, use homemade of sugar-rich syrup, syrup spiral, etc., skeleton, syrup seeds, yarn, raspberry lace.

Samos and Fruits

Eating excessive pancakes and foods add a little extra burden. Hungry dies and gets caught in pain. Therefore, avoid poultry nutrition, cold drinks, and more snacks in Africa.

The use of salt reduces the age. High blood pressure and many other diseases. Today, there is so much in Africa that Buddha does not understand what to eat and leave. Keep moderate eating moderately.

The importance of palm

There is also eternity with palm and also beneficial for the body. It strengthens the body. Strengthens the bones. Syrup seeds with two to three palm syrup or acne syrup provide immediate energy to the body.

Use the fruits and their juices as much as possible. Avoid completely energy and cola drinks. Use minimal nutrients such as cakes, pastries, sweets, and cats with chicken nutrients.

From the beginning of Ramadan, various types of patients begin to ask that the doctor can fast. Our sickness will not be affected by fasting?

Much medical research has proven that with the fasting soul there is a great refresher course for the body. This makes the body relax and comfortable. Exercise, liver and blood nails, especially due to all the body parts, are free from the burden of hunger food for a while.

A New Zealand clergy say that I was influenced by the Ramadan al-Ramadan philosophy in Islam. Many people do not fast because of the fear that there is no dominance or complexity of the disease due to fasting or fasting, even though it is not there.

Modern medical science has proven that immunity increases the number of people in the fasting body, and then during the fasting of the internal hemorrhoids, they get relief and later Relaxation of these syrups are fresh and tired.

Thus, these organisms increase. The common reason is that the newborn is strengthened. This Muslim utility has also acknowledged non-Muslims. Rather, the western west, who have been treated with various diseases, have made a successful treatment.

Depression of depression

Foreign expert Tayyip says fasting keeps in mind the immunity for preventing diseases. Dr. Joseph says that the misconceptions of explicit marriage appear to be away, namely, fasting physical and spiritual problems. Fasting is safe from immune, due to which the body of the vagina is correct, it gets rid of worries, depression and salmon problems.

Apart from this, fast fasting is also Nafis. For a pharmacologist or a gentleman, when a person is awakened, as he has completed his sleep and is awakened, then oxygen is sufficiently sufficient in his mind, refreshing and strengthening his mind. After eating and drinking the saheeh, when it comes to prayer, recitation or celebration, it will be felt in worship and increase in religion.

What is the patient?

There are three types of patients. The first type includes signs of diseases and diseases of common diseases, such as cough, nausea, chronic pain, diarrhea, stomach pain, body pain, joint pain, occasional blood pressure, dizziness, nausea and owing to other diseases.

Such patients can fast. They will not have any problem. With fasting, they will have to determine the amount and dosage of their medicine in such a manner that the first diet of the medicine should be taken immediately after inflection.

After reading the Taraweeh prayer, take the night before sleeping and take the third meal after the morning. Fasting is necessary for such patients because fasting will decrease the symptoms of their diseases.

In other types, patients are suffering from old illnesses such as diabetes, blood pressure, heartache, kidney failure, ulcer, and mental illness, etc.

Such patients can also fast. For patients of patients, it is necessary for them to do well. Use the sauna of water instead of food in the saheeh, because fasting can reduce the sugar and decrease the body’s water.

Therefore, it is important to store water for a stomach. Sugar patients can determine the number of their medicines from the doctor’s advice. The patients who take the medication three times a day can take the medicine immediately after inflection, at night while sleeping.

Patients who use insulin to cure patients with diabetes can be difficult to keep glucose control. How can a patient fast

At the time of the patient using insulin, reducing the amount of insulin can increase the amount of blood glucose, and then unconscious food also causes unhealthy food (blood vomiting) also causing glucose abuse.

So, the arrival of Ramadan is due to the lack of blood glucose for both patients and physicians, but the idea of ​​medicine is that there is no harm, because fasting does not cause difficulty or any difficulty for the patient and the physician, but fast The patient’s patient’s level becomes normal, while those who have not fasted, their sugar level remains vulnerable. The older people do this question that Dr. Sahib can read we can not say. How can a patient fast

Patient and trauma of sugar and high blood pressure

This patient can sit down and pray for Trivia. In the third category, patients are suffering from leprosy diseases. These include cancer, fluid and kidney failure, etc. It is not possible for such patients to fast. However, in the case of leaving the fast, according to the principles of Islam, it is necessary to pay a ransom or a kafara. Fast in Ramadan is God Blessing for Muslims.


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