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How to Eat green seafood

How to Eat green seafood

The taste of seafood (SEAWEED) is not so couch, but it is like a little fish. It is called seafood. It is considered nutritious food. Scissors believe that if this diet is eaten more It helps to end the effects of climate change. If you eat seafood, the region will save the earth, because in this way vegetables and meat will reduce.

If you like Japanese dishes, Sushi (SUSHI) killings, it means that you already have a well-known Kihei type, which is Nori (NORI). Almost black orphans should say that it is deeper green.
It is dry and long pieces are cut off. They are then wrapped on a swallow or fish killings.

It is also used in soup and other nutrients. It is necessary to be cautious during eating because thirsty take plenty of food when it is dry and drinking water does not reduce the water in the body.
It is also used as salt in Japanese foods. One piece of it that is almost equivalent to a sushi roll, has 13 cALORIES.

Soon, the ocean kay was likely to be widely used as a result, because it has been consumed in China, Japan and Korea for thousands of years. Its more than ten thousand types are available.

KALE is counted in useful nutrients. First, health has declared it very nutritious. It is a kind of cabbage. Apart from this, green marine kitchens are now in the market. It contains diabetes (protein), fiber and folic acid. All kinds of seafood contain special amounts of minerals, including copper, ozone, fielded and calcium. “(K) is also a suitable amount.

This animal is found in spinach and vegetable. The bones are maintained by the” c “, and it produces such a feature in the body that the wound becomes moisturized. This helps in the birth of four of the thirteen, which is ending blood tissues in the brain.

In addition, it also has a substance called “FUCOIDANS”, which is longer than that. This is the secret of long-term religions. This will increase your strength, increase the risk of disease-causing diseases. Prevents and increases age.

Health Updates:

Seafood should eat moderately, but if you eat more, then the amount of ozone will also arrive in the body because it contains ozone. Like fish, it may include environmental pollution, For example, CADMIUM and NIC ARSE, which damage your liver and liquor, it will be better if you go to the seafood and try not to extract and cook it, but also a company Eats a cooked dish. The company’s Kai laboratory is tested and it does not have hazardous health.

Seafood and earth:

How can we keep the kayak in our daily diet and keep our loved ones, i.e. safeguards the earth? This kai likes to eat the seafood much more, but if we eat it too, what is the problem? Recently research It proves that we should eat with a strong diet.

Statistics have shown that the population of the world will reach 7 billion from 30 million to 9 billion 80 million by 2050. At this time, food shortage can occur for humans, because there is no agricultural potential in 24 billion tonnes now that they could produce so many masses. As far as sea life is concerned, we have finished collecting about 90 percent of fishes from the oceans of the world.

Where can you get Kai?

Dry sea kai is available as many restaurants in Korea and Japan are available in Pakistan .While foreign products are found in other markets, if you ask for dry sea kai or nori kai, you will also find them. You can eat strawberry or with different flavored things.

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