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Dengue Fever

In the last four-five years, in the country, especially in Punjab, dengue fever has taken place in Punjab and has taken thousands of people together. Many people have become victim of this because people are worried and scared. Government security measures regarding dengue fever And on the symptoms, a warning program is giving a lot of attention to the treatment.
Denguefore kills bone in Urdu. This fever also shows red spots on the body, so Indians call it red fever too.

The following major symptoms indicate this disease.
(1) Winter causes severe pain, severe pain in sharp fever, bones and joints, heading in eyes and throat, small red marks on the body or sprinkles, severe weaknesses, platelets, and WBC severe Reduction is the last and dangerous sign of blood and nutrients.

When some early symptoms appear, then test blood pressure cells with lats and white cells (WBC) calories, if the cells appear lower than their real level, instead of taking the patient to a common physician or doctor Centers should be admitted to the treatment of dengue fever and for special care of patients.

Dengue is not a new disease, this fever spread east Africa, Egypt, Arab countries in total India, Burma, and then in the United States of America. In the mosquito mosquitoes, when the fever of fever is inclined, People can cure those germs by entering the blood of the person from the mouth of the tumor, if the blood of the patient feeds the blood of a healthy person, then the person will be fevered.

Safety Tips:

Wash the floor of the washroom, kitchen, and so on, do not store plastic bags in the carpets, sunlight, cover yourself at sunset, keep kefir and hang in your homes, every 10 hours in the near sight of the patient. Give it back

Prescription for Dhoni:

Hulshof: Wheelchildren, 50 gigs of the oval, 50-gram tobacco and 100-gram tobacco, 50 grams of the bargain, drainage gram 50 grams, hang 10 grams, jumble 100 grams.

Synthetic use:

Keep all the painted painted coats, slip a few coals and put the curtain in the patient’s room at least three times a day. Wash the patient’s used items. Dengue Jaan Leva Bukhar

Useful Foods:

Use magnesium digestive nutrients with semi-hot milk.
Make it as follows:


Fresh fruit leaves fresh 5 leaves, turmeric cucumber fresh 5 leaves, alcoholic drinks, honey 1/2 spoon, squeeze peeled rice in a cup of tea and drink pudding in the evening, strengthens defense.
A cup of fresh apple fresh cup, desi lime 1 number car mixing three times a patient, increases plate number 2-3rd as well as the number of WBC increases. Use nutritious, cure pepper. Puppet, sweet, pomegranates, carrots, fresh grape, etc. are useful.
Date published: 2019-03-24.


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