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Dengue Fever Treatment

Three Pakistan’s most populous provinces and Punjab, especially during dengue mosquitoes, dengue virus, and dengue fever. Last year, hundreds of civilians had become famous for these mosquitoes, and still, do not seem to think about it again. What is Dengue Fever?

Last year, many measures were taken to eliminate this mosquito, but salvation was found at the time when the mosquito’s life had passed. According to the latest reports, since it is in the steps of Arvapva Pa, therefore, there are many fishermen in the rivers and lanes that have been left for dengue. Dengue Causes.

The eunuchs will eat. This rock will be done in this way. The medical history of this mosquito is that some periods of goods, a bird in Africa and North America, spread in which patients. How Dengue Bite?

He became a supreme fever, and as soon as he started heading in the head and joints, while some patients’ pain bleeding and blood pressure also complained. The patient remained in the same bag for seven to ten days and eventually went to Carmer. Dengue Fever Treatment

People spread fear and people started migrating from these areas. When the physicians and doctors at that time investigated this, it was found that it is a special type of type which causes this disease to be removed. In 1979, the disease was identified and it was named Dengue fever. D ‘has its own word whose meaning is Seizure.

Are cramp While it was called the cutie of the nasty soul too. In 1950, this disease appeared in the form of a wound in the Middle East of the Middle East Thousands of people, especially children, was killed.100 million people have died in an estimated 40 million people. Dengue Fever Treatment

This disease became common from 1975 to 1980. In 2002, the disease took place in state-of-the-art Rio De Janeiro, in Brazil’s south-east, and more than one million people, who were sixteen-year-old children Zia, were blocked. It has come to be seen that this goat is almost every five to six years. Every year, in Singapore, four thousand to five thousand people suffer from viruses, while in 2003, six people from Singapore have been called in this disease, and those who once again suffer from the disease are victimized for the next time.

Are you From this stone cutting Miller B, the next case of banking, can be said? These cut stones are from ordinary mosquitoes and it is also mosquitoes. Contrary to other mosquitoes it is born in clean water, but also occurs in dirty places and standing water. I do not have any pain in this disease yet. We have been from the Pediatric Dengue Vaccine Initiative

Under the program, its vaccine is being tried. Scientists of Thailand have prepared a vaccine virus that is still in the early stages. If three past five sheets of this pastime have been experienced on different animals, which have yet come to be a very positive result. Dengue Fever Treatment

The reason for the rise in mortality rates from the Sunny Fare is that people usually give up the medicines to the local doctors’ clinic, which can not be seen by the patient, due to which the disease increases and the dangers of the disease.

The address is known when the patient starts bleeding. He is brought to the hospital at this time. Whereas I give private doctors such medicines as they contain Ami Malir or Drugs which should not be given in the living room. People fear that dengue fever occurs, this Dengue – Machar – Virus – Bukhar
For patients, they are happy at the patient but rates of dengue are very low.

This disease has a large fever for a long time, which causes pain and bleeding from any part of the body. These patients can be treated but this treatment can not be done at home. His son’s minimum fee government Punjab has set up Rs. 90. Some citizens demand that the test of the virus and the police should be free and this facility should be given to all private and government hospitals. Expert doctors say that precautions are necessary to avoid dengue viruses and protect themselves from the public.


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