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What Are The Cosmetics Information

Cosmetics Information.Every woman wants to look beautiful and unique and takes care of beauty to get the best make-up for standard cosmetics. In this context beauty, cosmetic information needs a little bit of every woman and also because you will not be able to use them accurately if you do not keep them informed about these products and their use. We are describing a brief introduction to the important beauty cosmetic, which will definitely provide a good increase in women’s information.

Cosmetics Information
Cleansing Country: This beauty is soluble and is exactly like milk. It is applied to the face with rope, so it is cleared by the use of the liquid and the smoke on the face, and it becomes clean and transparent, as the skin becomes clear and transparent.
The cleansing country is more useful for healthy skin.
Closing Cream: This cream is also very useful for face cleaning.

Women like dry skin use it more. Clinning cream is applied with fingers of the fingers that should be lightly handsome so that the skin absorbs well.
Muscle Easter: It is like white cream and it is also available as a cream or in the form of a tube. It should be used by fingers. If the skin is dry and the white spots appear on it, the use of its spots disappear, its foundation is best to make make-up.

Women with dried skin can make the face better after 10 minutes before making up the make-up of the face.
Scan Tank: This beauty solution is used by rope after using the mixing country. Its great work is to turn off Masamat at the time of make-up, thus cosmetic chemicals do not inspire themselves in the skin, ie, they are not absorbed, if the cosmetics enter the skin, it can be harmful to the skin. 

It is used on normal skin. Its use makes the skin soft and shiny. It is available in many different colors.
Extraction location: It is available in the form of a soluble and in different colors. It also works to close the skin. Initially, it takes light to burn. It eliminates black spots quickly and is considered very suitable for the skin.
It should be used by rope.

Cold Cream or Knight Cream: Men with a lot of dry skin should have to think that they should massage the cold cream before sleeping on their hands and legs, to keep them dry at the time of sleep and your skin after the morning There will be no softness and softening of the body. This cream is also suitable for less dry skin. Cosmetics Information
Keep the cream on your bed.

Nourishing Cream: This cream is also a case of cold cream. Which softens the skin. Use nursing cream for household working households, because using it, the skin of women remains soft due to use because it is less sugar. So it can be used in summer only with fingers’ fingers.

Eye Cream: This cream is light and slightly thicker than the cold cream. This is used to hide the circles and spots around the eyes. It is available in small containers. If you use it easily, a container can walk for a long time.
Foundation: Foundation, Solvent Cream, and Sticky are available in all three cases. This is because it helps to smoothen your skin before making it up.

The Foundation should always take care of its skin color, it can also be used with fingers’ lungs. Today, foam-made beauty balls are available for this purpose in the market.
Fee Powder: The fee payer is used after the Foundation. The powder is available on the basis of white rose pink and skin color. It should be used with a lightweight.

Make sure that this match matches the face-by-side color of the Foundation.
Compact: A small pop-up compact is called compact. Women going out of the house can keep it easily in their purse. It does not matter, you’re anywhere. ‘At times, you can refresh your make-up quickly by puffing it on your face, but remember that it can be a sign of pudding on your face using it.

So use it to reduce.
Rage: It’s not very common, so this name will definitely be new for many women. Actually, its main purpose is to give your cheeks a glimpse of the glue. It is available in a pink color. This pink color contains a lightweight heading. Available in the case of the cream stick and soap trunk, the cream is applied with the fingers of fingers and pancakes are found in the market with a puff in the puff, even if you are fasting at the time of the day. And if the night is time, the darker color will be suitable. 

Bullish On: This is available in packets in both light pink and dark pink colors. Apparently, it is like a disease, but it produces more glow than it is. Therefore it is more likely to use on the face. Match its shades with your skin, it blends your face pinkly and gives a glimpse of shafts on the cheeks. It should be used before using the powder. 

I Shadow: It is green and green in blue color. Well if you want, you can also get a white eye shed. Eyeshade of cream is used with fingers and finer shades of powder are used by brush. I shade the shades of ninety seeds and available in close proximity to all colors Are there
A few decades ago, such colors could not even be thought of. Instead of staying blue and green with coriander, highlight the beautiful golden and bronze eyes of life.

I Lines: This is also the essential component of eye-ups. This Bluetooth is used to pull linear on black and cosmetic plates.
This lotion and pinch are available in both cases. The brush is used for the ion liner. Use it on your eyes’ night It is also available in black and blue color. Eyes bridges show deeper and semen with her help. It is used by a brush.

Maska Ra: It is available in brown and black colors. Eye eyelashes look deep and shining with it, it is used by brush.
These instantly show the eyelashes to lighten up. Cosmetics Information
Water-proof Muka Rao keeps you away from the spread of spreading it all day.

Kajal: It is a very traditional tradition of the subcontinent, which is used to create beauty in the eyes, uses women with great love, it is available in tube and pencil. Eyelashes put Kajal in the eye of light and put it in the eye, while it is put in the eyes of the eye or even with the stitching of the wood. Its continuous use makes eyes look permanent.

Head lotion: dry skin dry in the cold weather becomes drier. In particular, cold lotions are used to make handsome skin and soft and smooth. Well, hand lotions can also be used on the face of the face and the spread of skin so that the cold weather is soft and smooth.

Lip Stick: Do not use more dark colored lip pencils than lipstick
Especially avoid using dark shed lip pencil with light colors.
The lip pencil shade is better if your lips are lightweight and lightweight. If your lips are large, do not use pencils, but just light the lightweight natural shed on a lipstick. Lip pencil should not be too high for the first pencil using your bag so it should be used on the first of the dark shed laptop stick.
This should not be used on a lightweight lipstick.

Hair spray: Hair spray is used to differentiate the hair, it is used to put hair in the stylish style and it does not even get rid of the outside air. Hypercane spraying should never be used sometimes If you go to attend or invite me to invite etc. Hair Use the hair set

source UrduPoint.

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