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How to Slow The Coronavirus Threat In 2021? Follow These Essential Steps

Coronavirus has taken leap after leap since the end of 2019. What began as something incredible has turned out to be a nightmare. It was only recently that the Delta Plus variant was discovered in India, and already there is a Lambda variant roaming around somewhere else on planet earth.

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What’s surprising is the availability of essentials but no one uses them responsibly. Funny enough, the way masks have become a part of the mainstream habit, every single N95 mask company is making sure to not only provide the best safety for wearers but also while being fashionable. Perhaps people don’t wear masks to look good, but it definitely helps to keep a positive outlook.

Everyone must make sure to understand that all the rules go together, and letting one go, means to let all go with it. There are many aspects to stay protected against COVID-19.

There is vaccination, but it is always affected by the efficacy rate against the virus. Besides, the vaccines don’t cure COVID-19, they make us more immune. This means we can still be infected by the virus in the future.

This is why it is essential to always be conscious of staying protected against the virus. In fact, doing this is a way of helping reinforce the vaccination to work effortlessly. This blog will make sure to educate everyone on how to follow the COVID-appropriate rules correctly.

Gloves & Masks

Social distancing is an essential part of the COVID-appropriate norms, and everyone attempts to keep that one up in ways. What gets lost in translation is wearing masks & gloves. All gloves and masks manufacturers ensure that they are made to protect the wearers from contamination.

However, they do not protect against human foolishness. Masks provide protection, but only when they are worn properly. Hanging masks by the chin, or leaving the nostrils open to contamination does not help.

There’s also the way that people use gloves that can decide if wearers stay protected or not. The purpose of gloves is to ensure that viral particles do not contaminate the skin.

Why is this necessary? As per human behavior, most people periodically touch their faces at intervals throughout the day. This means, even if the wearer has masks on, they can still risk getting infected. Wearers can however indirectly affect themselves by touching their masks or their mouth. Gloves keep the wearers protected in that aspect. However if a glove user still manages to touch their face with that mask after interacting with surfaces, they can still be infected. This is why the right way is to both be sure not to touch the mask and face, while also wearing gloves and masks.


As everyone understands by this point, there are many ways that germs can infect the human body. While the mouth and nostrils act as the primary entry point, it helps to sanitize hands as well.

Everyone in society uses their hands to do even basic things like eat, work, etc. This is why it’s necessary to use a liquid sanitizer or sanitizing wipes. As per research, coronavirus spreads primarily through the air, even staying suspended for approximately three hours.

So, even if there has been an infected person in the same spot an hour back, another may still catch the virus. Wearing N95 or 3 ply masks can help, but hands must be protected. After all, people use their hands for everything, sometimes without realizing it.

All medical professionals recommend the use of soap to wash hands whenever possible. However, sanitizers with their alcohol composition can kill most germs, and are the best alternatives available. Sanitizing hands is only one of the steps.

One widely accepted rule is to sanitize and disinfect any and all surfaces at one’s home. This also goes for when someone is outside as sanitizing any surface before interaction decreases the risk. When it comes to sanitizing, one of the most important things to keep clean is a mobile phone.

These devices pass hands even with the best efforts trying to keep that from happening. Sanitizer sprays can however damage any internal or external components. Using sanitizing wipes for the phone can definitely help with that matter. They are safe to use and keep phones from contaminating the user for further safety.


Since last year and many months before that, the lockdown has been controlling the curve. This saw sudden growth last year in parts of India after lifting the lockdown. While lockdown can control the curve, it can also affect people’s lives. The best way to survive and live is after all by being responsible.

Following the rules and norms responsibly as a society can ensure that no lockdown is necessary to flatten the curve. There is hope for the future as lockdown across the nation finally lifts up. Everyone can focus on their lives and hopefully follow the rules, especially with new variants cropping up everywhere.

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