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How Cherry Pleasant Taste and Juicy Fruit

Cherry Pleasant Taste and Juicy Fruit. Chico is a happy taste of the fruit. Its tree is always spring and gives fruit for a long time. Its homeland is eastern Mexico, Central America and the island of Ghor.
The chicken grows from seeds, but the seeds that grow from seeds give fruit in a long time. The plants of peculiar pancakes that are painted, start to grow quickly. Its seeds are dark, shiny, and extreme.

These seeds are not eaten, because they have a flavor of flora. Remember soil mixed with soil, if it adds the fertilizer of the leaves, it is very suitable for its production.
The major countries of the world where Chuu is producing, it is India, Africa, Thailand, Island Island, Indonesia, the warmest regions of the United States, Bangladesh, and South Florida.

In Pakistan Czech is born in the coastal areas of Balochistan. It is in Karachi, Malir, Thatta, Hyderabad, Nawab Shah, and district Mirpur special. We have only two types of it, Rizvi and Goal. Chico has a great effect on the round. It’s more sweet and fragrant.
The Chico tree takes flowers every year, and it gives a double crop in the year.

A crop is May May and December second. When the fruit gets cooked brown becomes soft and its pulp is softened. After letting the stirring, it breaks down and 3 or 4 seeds get out of the dump. When the fruit gets cooked, the milk is dry in the tree. It starts to Chicho can be placed in front of guests as a sweet dish. It can also be made by syrup and country shake. In the bakery, it is also placed in cakes, jams, jelly and ice cream, which makes flavor flattering. In fact, glucose can also be made from it. It can be closed in the boxes by cutting it like pancreatic.

In Indonesia, Czech’s canopy is eaten with hot rice and it’s a favorite dish.
Chocolate tree milk is frozen. It is made of changing and chocolate.
Chico is very nutritional. It contains Hayatin A (Vitamins A), which causes your skin health. Chico keeps your lungs safe from cancer too. It also contains diabetes (vitamin C). Which improves benignity.
It protects the bone joints, teeth, and gums from the infection.

Acne (proteins), fiber, phosphorus, calcium, field, saline, pantothenic acid, and gastrointestinal gain, which improve our health. Drinking this milk removes intestinal cancer. The caucus ends the fever and if the nose is closed, it opens it. It removes the body from the body, cures cough and diarrhea. This means that the fiber is improved, so it improves the digestive system.

Chaos contains a substance called “TANNIN“, which is a good treatment for hemorrhoids. Due to cancer, the patient’s blood decreases blood, cucumber fulfills this deficiency.
It involves blood red cells from the folic acid. It is easy to grind some toxic bananas after grinding the bush seeds. Cherry Pleasant Taste
Czech is counted in the important and useful fruits of India, Pakistan and other countries of the world.

source UrduPoint.

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