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Artificial Skin-Hope for Healthy Patients

You have seen patients in hospitals who suffer from pain due to fire. Their shaved face becomes sore, so they begin to hide their faces or body. Such patients are psychologically victimized or depressed. In fact, plastic surgery has developed a lot of progress and the risk of dryness, such as fire-fed patients, makes it easier to get relief. That’s why it’s a dream for patients in Patriot Aziz.

Those patients who do not get proper treatment, they are alive with their stain and fat skin, or they are handed with life. However, a glimpse of hope for the people with fire has now emerged that local Pakistani Doctors and scientists have announced that they will prepare artificial skin massively in the personal laboratory.

There has been a breakthrough in this matter because there has been an agreement between the University of Health Sciences and the two Justified Associations of Pakistan. Early such artificial skin accounts for $ 900 (127440 rupees) per inch It was imported from, but now the same type of human skin will be prepared in one thousand rupees in Pakistan.
Suitable patients with this artificial skin will be able to recover.
They will also include patients who have burned up to 70 percent. The process of artificial skin early on human skin started in Pakistan for the first time in 2015, but it was experimental, now the skin is being developed widely, which has a large number of patients benefited. Will be able to
Professor Javed Ikram, Vice Chancellor of the University of Health Sciences, said that there are various reasons for burning dead, which include various types of infections, water emissions, and minerals from the affected person’s body. There are no discounts for fasting.

He further added that patients’ rates are higher than they have deteriorated to 90 percent instead of 70%. When our artificial skin begins to grow widely in our own laboratory, the discomfort of the affected people decreases by 20%. Will and patients’ chances of surviving will increase.
In fact, the artificial skin that is imported from non-country is very expensive, especially for middle-class patients, so they avoid avoiding treatment and as a consequence reach death. Artificial Skin-Hope for Healthy Patients

He reminded the oil tanker’s accident at Ahmad Parshekashi, saying that many deaths in this accident were due only because of the artificial skin in our hospitals not available in a large number. Synthetic skin prepared in our laboratory Some that would be very cheap compared to the skin imported from Europe and America, but its quality would be as soon as possible. Artificial Skin-Hope for Healthy Patients
The fact is that the soonest we prepare in Pakistan, it will prove to be better than the imported skin in many ways. Here we were tested in the US’s largest body of health and they had Appreciating it, he attributed to Suffer patients. We used this as soon as possible on many patients and they were treated well.

Professor Javed Akram explains ways of change of skin and said that there are two ways: One method is called technological and other disciplines. Technically we have made 17 inventions, including artificial skin, human eye-thin, kidney Cells (cells) and “intranet injection” are applied to patients with gastrointestinal liver (hepatitis).
The science work is to invent things in the laboratory, but the fact is when these things are used on patients and they are recovered.
Dr. Javed Ikram also mentioned the barriers that are involved in the preparation of artificial skin. The biggest problem is the rules. There are difficulties in registering events, namely, that we have prepared it soon, but it Did not understand which organization will register it? Which pharmaceutical company will manufacture it on a commercial scale and bring it to the market for sale.

In this case, we initially came very tremendously. The drug mafia, which is importing artificial skin and various types of deposits from foreign countries, would have lost its interests, so he started obstacles in our work. Apart from this, the medication we call for chemicals is not available or its artificial deficiency, which has created barriers in our work.

I am very grateful to the Supreme Court of Pakistan that he had Somuoto Action on this matter (judicial authority to take any action against him if he saw any corruption, he would not wait to take any other person) and formed a committee. That he should monitor matters. We have succeeded with this judicial decision, we were saved from the conflicts and started developing artificial skin.
This relieved patients’ treatment methods.
The doctor prepared by Dr. Javed Ikram and his colleagues has sent the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) to the Korzester. It is likely that its positive results will be resolved and the problem of dry patients will be resolved soon.
The name of the Pakistan pharmaceutical Association, based on the agreement, has approved that 20 pharmaceutical companies can prepare this synthetic skin.
In this regard, the medicines prepared for treatment will be provided at cheap rates and can also be exported if needed.

Therefore, affordable skin preparation could be possible.

Dr. Rauf explained the earliest detail, “We get a small piece of skin in eight days, because our laboratory is small, so we can now work on a small scale.”
Like America and Europe, we do not have big, modern and personal laboratories, otherwise, we would have met the needs of the country. Haseeb Khawaja, the representative of Pakistan’s pharmaceutical association, said: “Now we are under an agreement under artificial skin from Canada and Spain. Machinery is fitting to prepare.
Our laboratory will have international standards of skin care, whether it is an eye-colored kidney cell. It is difficult to tell how long artificial skin will be prepared, but whenever it is The price will be very low. “

Artificial Skin-Hope for Healthy Patients

Source UrduPoint.

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