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7 Calming Herbs For Anxiety

Anxiety Means

Anxiety is your body’s general response to stress. It’s a sense of fear or anxiety about what’s to happen. On the first day of school, moving to a job interview or talking may cause most people to feel fearful and nervous.

Modernization has eased our physical troubles but intensified our mental disturbances. People struggle with psychotic disorders now more than ever. Several stress-related issues like anxiety, depression, panic disorder, etc., make our lives unbearable and less lively.

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While most people seek medical assistance to help them with stress, several individuals prefer natural remedies. The earth has limitless bounties to aid the healing process. One of them is herbs. Herbal remedies may have therapeutic properties.

Herbs are the virtues of nature. They are provisions provided to us by Mother Earth. Their essence heals us in ways that cannot be fathomed by limited rationality. Nature has produced them for the betterment of the human race. Likewise, these herbs can calm our anxiety and help our minds ease down a bit. Let us learn which 7 herbs can help lower our anxiety.

7 herbs that can calm down anxiety

Anxiety affects not only our thoughts but also causes physical discomfort. It drives our thoughts insanely irrational to a point where it starts influencing us physiologically. It is why we should understand the complexity of this phenomenon. Not just this, we should take necessary treatments that can help us deal with this ailment.

While we know that herbs have healing and therapeutic characteristics, they are actively associated with lowering anxiety symptoms. The herbs that can help you calm your anxiety are—


This beautiful aromatic plant has more benefits than we can imagine. Even its fragrance acts as a calming stimulant. This perennial herb tends to help with chronic pain, anxiety, blood pressure, and insomnia. Its oil is believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities. To get an anxiolytic advantage from this herb, you can use its oil in aromatherapy. It will benefit your restlessness and uneasiness.


The delicate Daisy-like flower is an herb consumed to achieve therapeutic relaxation. It is an ancient herb used for centuries as a remedial treatment for upset stomachs and anxiety. It also conditions the mind and body by delivering an utter soothing effect. It can act as food for your brain.

One may brew the tea of chamomile flower petals to experience the awesomeness of this plant. As the tea reaches your system, its pharmacological effects begin to make you feel relieved and relaxed; these are the benefits of chamomile.


A remarkable Ayurvedic herb is known for its calming action on an individual’s stress levels. It manages the human body to set the balance between emotional and physical comfort. Thereby relieving them of anxiety and depression.

The best anti-anxiety remedy of Ashwagandha demands it to be mixed with milk. When added to milk, its power compliments our nervous system, making us feel more at rest. Another way to consume it is as a tincture. Tincture reaches down to our blood faster than edible forms. It may be the best option to consider.

Holy Basil

Referred to as Tulsi in the Ayurvedic texts, it is a leafy plant used to benefit the human body from various ailments. While other herbs are more concerned with anxiety and stress disorders, this herb is beneficial to an individual’s overall well-being. Its benefits include improvements in anxiety, depression, nausea, cholesterol levels, diabetes, and body pain.

Companies manufacture capsules filled with basil extracts for people to consume. One may also fetch some basil leaves and make tea. This ultimate herbal remedy will alleviate anxiety and strengthen your immunity.


Not the plant but its roots are a fantastic medicine to reverse inflammation, infections, and skin diseases. Recently, turmeric has been found effective in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and stress disorders.

We know hormones like serotonin and dopamine can significantly alter our mood and physical equilibrium. Turmeric can actively enhance the secretion of these hormones. Thereby, taking the edge off your anxiety.

Curcumin is the chief compound found in turmeric that is responsible for mood upliftment. For the most efficient herbal remedy, try consuming turmeric in some liquid, like tea. This yellow powder aids your low mood while also escalating your healing process.


Found in the tropical regions of the South Asian Islands, this herb serves as an ancient remedy for an energy boost and to get rid of any fatigue. Although not the size of an herb, the Kratom tree has larger leaves and comes in different strains. Its exceptional qualities make it a phenomenal herb for managing insomnia and chronic pain.

The alkaloid profile displayed by this herb is what makes it advantageous. Kratom is distributed as powder and even pills so that people could value the therapeutic and anxiolytic benefits that come with it.

Kratom leaves were brewed as a tea by the natives to attain mind relaxation. Likewise, many people have claimed it to be their solution for anxiety. And hence buy kratom bulk USA.

Valerian root

Another miraculous creation of nature is the valerian root. Used for the treatment of anxiety, depression, pain, and insomnia, valerian root is an effective health supplement. It may visibly reduce psychotic disorders and acute stress.

Valerian root is consumed as a tincture, pill, and tea. However, it is equally effective in all of its variants. The only drawback that remains is its sedative effects.

Can herbal remedies calm down anxiety?

Even though more data is required to have a proper verdict, popular claims indicate herbal treatments can effectively help with anxiety. Health experts suggest that one should reconsider taking herbs if one is on some medication. It is said to prevent reactions between herbal treatment and other medicines.

Some non-herbal treatments to turn down anxiety.

We all hate getting anxious. Nevertheless, it is a necessary evil we have to live with. While there are conventional medicines to treat anxiety, there are other non-herbal ways to counteract this problem. Here are a few of them—

• Exercise

• Meditation

• Trying out new hobbies

• Counselling

• Talking to your loved ones

• Healthy distractions


Herbal remedies could be a safe and enjoyable alternative as a remedy for anxiety. They rarely result in any side effects. However, if they do, the effects are mild and tolerable. One should also acknowledge the fact that the efficacy of natural remedies is shown differently in different individuals.

General anxiety is common and is usually self-diagnosable. However, if your issues become so evident that even your daily activities are hindered, you should refer to a specialist.

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