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Abuse of Breakfast can Shorten Life

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Abuse of Breakfast can Shorten Life. Breakfast is usually called the most important meal of the day and with the start of the month, Ramadan takes place for hundreds of Muslims around the world. Henry Havana, how important is this morning meal? According to the recent study of the American College of Cardiology, this life can be done longer, while leaving breakfast increases your risk of heart disease.

Researchers and professors of American universities worked on research results. They reviewed the habits of breakfast between 65 and 40 years of age between 40 and 75, between 1988 and 1994. Those involved in the examination were asked to eat what they eat at breakfast.

Five percent of this review has said that they never have breakfast. Do, about 11 percent said they are proud and 25 percent said that they sometimes do.

The researchers again reviewed the record of the death sentence till 2011, that the 2318 people involved in the survey were no longer in the world. They then tried to find a relationship between the trend and the death of the breakfast.

It is already possible before medical research that the health of breakfast may have a negative impact, but scientists are still trying to understand the relationship. Britain’s National Health Service, NHS, commented on the research, saying that it does not prove that breakfast is due to direct heart and disease due to illness.

According to a review published on the NHS website, those who became part of this research, who said that they do not have breakfast are mostly accustomed to smoking, drinking too much exercise, far away from exercise.They are economically weak compared to those who eat unhealthy food and breakfast.

In this research, only the habits of people’s breakfast were considered and the analysis of these other habits was not included in it. It also does not know what breakfast is important for different people.

For example, most of the day do breakfast, but some of them do a healthy breakfast at eight o’clock and some of them spend on a sandwich or cereal bar in the morning.

However, the University of Iowa Assistant Professor Dr. W. Baone, who is the main author of this research, has done the proficiency results. Beau says that in many reviews, it has come to know that hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol is about to leave breakfast. The breakfast is an easy solution to be healthy according to their research.

Bao and his colleague also wrote that there is a deep connection between breakfast and heart disease, which is not related to the social and economic status of people, the size and the risk of heart and blood system.

Experts have written that according to their information, this is the first analysis of the relationship between leaving breakfast and heart disease. Patients and diseases are a major cause of death in the world. According to the health department, according to health in the world in 2016 About one million 52 million people died.

source UrduPoint.

Abuse of Breakfast can Shorten Life


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