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7 Ways you Can Stop Your Make-Up from Melting in Summer

7 Ways You Can Stop Your Make-Up from Melting in Summer

01/8How to prevent your make-up from melting in summer:

From melting foundation, smeared eyeliner to sticky lipstick, summer can ruin your make-up. As the temperature rises, the humidity makes it tricky to have long-lasting make-up. If you love wearing make-up, they are there a lot of ways you can keep prevent it from smearing. Here’s how you can stop your make-up from melting in summers:

02/8​Choose the right primer:

If you skip the primer, it can be one of the biggest reasons your make-up doesn’t last long. A primer helps to lock the foundation for hours. Use a gel-based moisturizer and apply a primer prior to foundation.

03/8​Apply the foundation the right way:

When it comes to applying foundation, you need to do it the right way. Use a brush to apply foundation for a lighter finish. Blending it in will help to make the foundation set on your face better.

04/8​Try waterproof eye make-up:

Swap your regular make-up with waterproof versions. Mascara, Kohl, and liner easily smear as the humidity increases. When in need, use waterproof ones to get the best of it.

05/8Use an eye primer too:

Use an eye primer too

The best way to make your eye make-up stay is to skip the creamy shadows. Also, make sure to use an eye primer, it will minimize the creasing and make the shadows last longer.

06/8​Rely on powders:
7 Ways You Can Stop Your Make-Up from Melting in Summer

In this weather, the face starts looking shiny and sticky especially around the T-zone. When you’re done with the make-up, use pressed powder and set it. This will help to control oil and excessive sweating.

07/8​Use lip stains:
7 Ways You Can Stop Your Make-Up from Melting in Summer

Instead of heavy lipsticks, use lip stains. Go for long-lasting formulas that give sheer coverage, moisturize and doesn’t melt easily.

08/8​Always use a setting spray:
7 Ways You Can Stop Your Make-Up from Melting in Summer

When you are done with your make-up, always sprit on a setting spray. It will help to seal the look and won’t melt easily.

source TimesofIndia.

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