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4 Heaven Fruits Our Super Foods

4 Heaven Fruits Our Super Foods


In the Holy Quran verse 68, this fruit is called genocide. For the world, there is now one of the special gifts of the universe for the earth. Justing a person begins to drink, then the fat around the belly and the waist decreases and the mental stress decreases.

Pomegranates include fields, hydrochloric acid, and vitamin C, which are hungry elements. It is also useful medicinal fruit in Vermilion, liver, irritation, fibers, cough, and typhoid. Chronic Hutto honey drinks increase slowness.


Banana is mentioned in verse 29 of verse chapter 29. It is also frozen. The fruit is full of fatigue and fiber. Pectin is a form of fiber which is the main component of the banana.

Apart from this, magnesium, Vitamins C and B6 are also available. The lack of a blue duodenal is also the fruit that meets. It also stroke from stroke and heart attack. Reduce stress, stomach ulcers, sores, and bloodshed Reduces the lack of

date fruit:

It is also mentioned in Khurrah is Khurram. There are also good tidings of pastoral trees and this fruit produced by extremism in Arab countries is now exported throughout the world and it has started to grow.

Use wherever you find this fruit, as it fills the fruit with anti-oxidants such as fiber, potassium, copper, magnesium, magnesium and vitamin B6. It reduces the risk of tightening and shrinking of heart cells to a third extent. I am helpful. Low blood pressure reduces. The treasury of natural ventilation, this fruit also produces fresh and sophisticated blood. The body protects from being absorbent and moisture.

Bear, cold:

In ancient times, I find mention of unusual barriers. These interpreters associate with God Almighty.
Which produces a berry tree. We are also said to be the tree of Cedar. Wood is very fragile. Alarberries are also known as Sadar .arrors and straw leaves are a special oil resin.

It is called Cedar Oil which is also used in cosmetics. It helps clean the sun.
Vegetable nutrients that are rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, carbohydrate, sodium, and magnesium, have high amounts of iron while phosphorus contains minerals. Increases blood circulation in the body.

It is useful for reducing diet. It contains the presence of vitamins A, Vitamins C, and various organic compounds that increase the strength of the body. It is used by the use of occupation, chest, stomach acidity and system. Diabetic complaints are removed. 4 Heaven Fruits Our SuperFoods.

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