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20 Diets For Health “Scientific bases of a good diet” 1.1 Three Principles for Healthy Eating. 20 Diets For Health Foods contain chemicals that although are not essential nutrients, play an important role in health. These are total fat, saturated type, cholesterol, antioxidants, vegetable fiber, several compounds “phytochemicals”, salt, additives, and chemical contaminants.

A healthy diet is one that is balanced with caloric expenditure through physical activity developed and with body reserves, especially fat. Excessive consumption of various nutrients can be hazardous to human health. 1.2 Physiological Basis for Food a. Calories In practice, it is difficult to consume the right amount of food. This is because in terms of food availability, there the tendency to consume more than you need. Excessive consumption of high-calorie foods, but not Obesity occurs, it can be risky.

These means be “Eater” can be inconvenient. This is especially true about the high consumption of foods that are high in fat and soluble sugars like candy, desserts, cream, food “junk” (fried, soft drinks …), etc. Program and Adult Health and the Elderly The harmful effects of overeating, even without obesity, is perhaps due to the sudden overload fat particles (lipoproteins low and very low density) circulating longer, which You can promote your deposit in the arteries.

20 Diets For Health b. Protein Previously lent great importance to this nutrition; Today is considered to be only monitored protein in children under 5 years. the aspect of the quality and A suitable combination of vegetable protein can replace animal proteins, but in practice, it is not easy. The ideal diet should always include a moderate ration of some animal foods at each meal.

In this way, ensures the quality of the protein consumed. Currently, high consumption of foods is not recommended animal because they have saturated fat types, which is responsible for atherosclerosis and perhaps other disease chronicles. c Fats Previously not fat intake was calculated, nor suggested amounts; now it is an issue of paramount importance. TO the international level it is proposed that its total consumption should never be more than 30% of total calories, but it is possible that this ratio is still very high. Since fats provide nine calories per gram, (ie they have high concentrations of energy), between 60 and 90g of fat a day can produce between 25 and 30% of the total energy needs.

20 Diets For Health This amount of energy is consumed easily, sometimes without realizing it; consider that a variety of foods containing in its composition high in fat; what is added to its preparation. Adult Health Program and the Elderly It is recommended that only one-third of fats consumed (10% of total energy) comes from saturated fat amounts of animal products (meat, milk, cheese, and eggs) as well as on ways concentrated (cream, butter, lard, and tallow).

The only fats vegetables are saturated coconut and to a lesser extent other oils palms. 20 Diets For Health The cooking polyunsaturated fat, such as corn and safflower are recommended if used in moderation. So fats are peanut, sesame, sunflower; oil Olive has a mix of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Once it considered the excessive consumption of cholesterol was the main cause of atherosclerosis. Now we know that in reality they are saturated fats, especially combined with consumption high energy.

20 Diets For Health. This does not mean you can consume cholesterol without restriction. It insists that should not be consumed more than 300 mg daily cholesterol; an egg contains about 250 mg. It is therefore not We recommend eating egg daily. Foods of animal origin have no cholesterol and plant it he has, which is why the ideal diet recommends only consumption of low-fat foods, such as milk low-fat or skim, egg white, fish and other white meats like chicken or turkey without skin. 20 Diets For Health. d. Antioxidants It is recommended to increase the consumption of these substances because they have an important role in the prevention of various diseases infectious and chronic.

Some antioxidants are vitamins or pro-vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin A, and provitamin beta carotene, vitamin E and niacin (one of the vitamins B). Others are not, as various compounds of green leaves, considered as cofactors such as glutathione, lecithin, various folate, various sterols, choline, and selenium. Its function is to prevent oxidation of macromolecules in the body. Antioxidants are replaced by each other to intervene in certain processes, but the presence of two or more of them is important because the yes body is enhanced. If you eat at least two servings of vegetables and fruit at each meal of the day can be sufficient.

l “phytochemicals”. These compounds are composed of several proprietary molecules of vegetables. Diets For Health They already have evidence that it may have effects on health, such as prevent certain cancers. Between these compounds are flavones, phytic acid, phytates, the saponins, phytosterols, phenolic acids, and others. Some of them have negative effects because they alter the absorption Some metals such as iron, copper, and calcium. Its effects Positive appear to result from its chemical similarity to certain hormones and enzymes with which they can be synergistic and antagonistic. l vegetable fiber.

These compounds are not digested and therefore not absorbed; the Most are complex carbohydrates. Some are insoluble as cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin; others are soluble as pectins, gums, as well as several different plant compounds. The fibers from the fecal bolus, which help rid the body do not only substances that are not absorbed but some toxic waste as bile salts. Certain fibers ferment in the large intestine producing some compounds such as propionic acid, which itself is absorbed.

An important role of fiber is to prevent reabsorption of bile. The fibers are found mainly in vegetables and grains whole, although there are several fruits like rich tropical insoluble fibers. The food of animal origin does not contain fiber. 20 Diets For Health Thanks For Reading… e. Salt (sodium chloride). _ This substance is a serious problem. A primate situation Natural can only consume about a fifth gram. An individual in an urban environment can easily eat 100 times, 0 is 20 grams.


A high intake of sodium can cause water retention. This liquid increases, especially circulatory volume. It is known that one of the main consequences is the tendency to hypertension. It is suspected that the salt can also help accelerate the process of aging and the onset of other chronic diseases. Some foods have a lot of salt, as products Sea (cod) and milk, but have more salt is added to cook 0 in the table. A significant number of products have developed large quantities, crackers, many kinds of cheese, all deli and luncheon meats. Some flavorings such as soy sauce, glutamate and others have sodium. f. Alcohol.

You need to remember that alcohol has a high-calorie content, one gram of alcohol provides 7 calories. If the drinks mixed with soft drinks that are high in sugar, caloric consumption can rise to very important figures, moving other foods, and therefore poorer food. g. Additives Unnatural dietary compounds (colorants, flavors, homogenizing, antibacterials, etc.) should be avoided as far as possible. Some of them are cyclic compounds, which may accumulate within cells.

Often its use is unnecessary as that they are added to give the better appearance, not for preservation. Although animal studies have not proven to be toxic, there has been thoroughly studied the potential impact of simultaneous consumption and prolonged many substances, because they can react to form other compounds, which in turn can be risk factors. A big number of industrialized products and especially the food “junk” They have additives.

In practice the food problem should be resolved taking out a more natural food, more consistent with our biological origins; simple food, with great contribution vegetables and fruits, fewer animal products, and with a combination of grains, preferably wholegrain. Diets For Health Labels: Diets The Benefits Of Mango Fruits, Improves skin – Mango is one of the richest tropical fruits in the world, most people eat alone, in salads, in main dishes or dessert.

Furthermore, the properties of the handle help improve your health and appearance, you want to know? Here we explain five of them:

1. Helps digestion: The handle contains digestive enzymes that help process the proteins faster. It is useful against heartburn and is very rich in fiber, which prevents constipation.

2. Protect the eye: Regular intake of mangoes prevents night blindness, refractive errors, dry eye, corneal softening and burning eyes, thanks to its high content of vitamin A.

3. Improves skin: One of the properties of the handle is to prevent the occurrence of acne and clogged pores; Moreover, it is an excellent antioxidant that prevents premature aging.

4. Prevents anemia: In India are used for healthy blood circulation. They are ideal for eating during the menstrual period, thanks to its rich iron content and vitamin C.

5. Avoid fluid retention: This fruit has a great diuretic effect, so it favors the elimination of liquids. It is also recommended for the proper functioning of the nervous system, prevents hair loss and insomnia. The Benefits Of Mango Fruits, Improves skin. Diets For Health Mango Mousse To enjoy without guilt of the properties of mango, Salud180.com and Splenda will share the next light dessert: Ingredients for six servings 250 grams of low-fat cottage cheese 1/3 cup sugar substitute (Splenda) 2 cups pulp natural handle Orange juice 3 teaspoons gelatin 2 tablespoons chopped toasted walnuts.

Preparation: Pass the cottage cheese through a fine sieve. Dissolve the gelatin in the orange juice and heated in a water bath (in boiling water) or microwave for 45 seconds. Mix the cottage cheese, gelatin, sugar substitute, and mango pulp. Diets For Health Place in individual bowls and sprinkle with nuts. Refrigerate for two hours and serve. By using a sugar substitute you reduce up to 21% of calories in the recipe. This rich dessert you can enjoy light children, pregnant women and breast-feeding. And you, do you fancy enjoy the properties of the handle blameless?

Labels: Healthy Fruits What is cholesterol and how to reduce it? Cholesterol, how to reduce it? – Today much is spoken of cholesterol, saturated and all those ailments or diseases related to fat, but it is essential to know which is cholesterol. What is cholesterol ?. Cholesterol is a crystalline substance belonging to the group of steroids. It is a lipid, as it is fat-soluble and insoluble in water. It is found naturally in our bodies because cholesterol is needed to carry out all our vital functions properly. Cholesterol is present in the brain, liver, nerve, blood, and bile both human and animals. So it has always been said to reduce our cholesterol levels should avoid taking the food of animal origin.

The liver produces 80% of the total cholesterol and the other 20% comes from the diet. Cholesterol is involved in metabolic, hormonal, digestive and nervous processes. It is transported from the liver to the cells by proteins called lipoproteins. The cells use what they need and the rest remains in the bloodstream waiting for other lipoproteins it back to the liver. Lipoproteins that transport from the liver to the tissues is LDL (low-density lipoprotein), known as “bad cholesterol.” HDL (high-density lipoprotein) or “good cholesterol” is responsible for removing excess cholesterol from the blood and tissues to return it to the liver and fly to join the LDL.

And so, it is fulfilling a cycle that is balanced if it works correctly. All this balance can be broken when the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream exceeds the amount of HDL to pick. So this is where the cholesterol sticks to artery walls forming plaque, obstructing and clogging the arterial duct disease that is known as atherosclerosis, which leads directly to many health problems.

20 Diets For Health Thanx For Reading… The most sensible way to control the level of blood fats, and throughout our organization, is conducting a diet that contains no animal fats, which itself is rich in plant foods and fiber. Therefore, when our analytical HDL levels are high and the LDL is low, we will have a lower risk of heart disease or arterial blockage, as long as our eating habits are correct.

20 Diets For Health. The blood cholesterol level established as normal “insurance” is 200 mg/dl (HDL + LDL) when 200mg / dl is exceeded there is an increased risk of heart disease. The risk becomes too high when exceeding 240 mg/dl. What is cholesterol and how to reduce it? Within these totals cholesterol is a fundamental relationship between HDL / LDL, that is if the level of HDL in the blood is less than 35mg / dl, there it is increased cardiovascular risk despite having blood total cholesterol of 200 mg/dl.

As HDL levels decrease, the greater the risk of cardiovascular problems. Normal values ??of HDL in blood are between 50-60 mg / dl. As a result of these values ?? and what it represents to our health imbalance thereof, must be followed by a controlled and limited in the saturated fat diet, avoiding sugar and alcohol (increase the production of cholesterol the body itself produces). These three factors are contributing to increased cholesterol levels.

Well, we control stressful situations as it is proven that it generates an overproduction of natural cholesterol. Other causes of increased blood cholesterol are gallstones, impotence, high blood pressure (hypertension), and mental deterioration. Other studies have found a close relationship between cholesterol and some cancers. We must not forget the hereditary factor, as many are the people who have high cholesterol despite following a healthy, low-fat diet and that despite this, they fail to reduce their LDL levels. Diets For Health The recommendation gives the World Health Organization is no more than 300 mg of dietary cholesterol. Control the intake of saturated fats is essential to not develop hypercholesterolemia. To reduce blood cholesterol levels are dietary guidelines that can be taken into account:

Consumption of vegetable fibers is essential, particularly because soluble fiber binds to fats and removes directly through feces. This type of fiber found in legumes, glucomannan, guar gum, oats, barley and fruits such as apples. Oat bran and brown rice are the most recommended to lower cholesterol. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains, in general, should be consumed daily to lower cholesterol when it comes. Fresh when mid-morning snack and snack, juices also help reduce the fat of bile which lowers cholesterol. They are used vegetable oils and cold-pressed unrefined oils like olive, soy, evening primrose, borage, and black currant. These last three, rich in essential oils, reduce levels of LDL and thin the blood.

Consumption of oily fish like salmon, sardines, and tuna reduce blood cholesterol Nuts and crude consumed in moderation should also be considered Do not drink alcohol, sugary drinks, and colas. Moderate coffee consumption, increasing the risk of heart disease if consumed excessively. Avoid eating sweets, candies, and chocolates. No Sm0king. Avoid stressful situations. Perform exercises daily and regularly. Certain dr*gs alter the ratio of LDL and HDL. Never heat the olive oil over 190. Always consume raw. Do not eat fast food or fast food.

20 Diets For Health 20 Diets For Health They should be considered: The use of chromium picolinate: has been shown to reduce the level of total cholesterol and improving the ratio of LDL and HDL. Coenzyme Q10: a powerful antioxidant that improves circulation and reduces the formation of arterial blockages. Vitamin B complex: controls the level of cholesterol. These vitamins are necessary for the metabolism of fats, as they protect the liver from fatty deposits. Also, vitamin C and vitamin E are used to lower cholesterol, as they improve the circulatory system. What is the relationship with cholesterol egg?

The egg yolk is rich in cholesterol. Many studies are showing that cholesterol yolk does not change the values ?? of blood cholesterol; therefore, it can consume three or four times a week but cholesterol is above normal levels. The egg is an excellent and healthy food because it contains a protein of high biological value. The egg yolk provides healthy fats: phospholipids, linolenic acid, choline, and cholesterol. It provides phosphorus, zinc, and selenium, as well as vitamin A, vitamin D, B12, folic acid, and biotin.

Therefore egg-cholesterol ratio is false. 20 Diets For Health Foods high in cholesterol: animal brains caviar, viscera: liver, kidney, sweetbreads, heart, tongue, foie gras and pates, mayonnaise, pastries: croissants, muffins, butter, butter, and creams, prawns, shrimp, and scampi (on their heads) Foods high in saturated fats butter and butter coconut bacon cream margarine greaves cheeses: cheddar, blue cheese, Emmentaler, Gruyere, Manchego, Parmesan, etc. The cheeses in general and whole milk chocolate without milk Foie gras meats and sausages pork and lamb coconut oil and palm Labels: Tips Banana is excellent for facial masks, acne and prevents wrinkles –

It seems incredible that there are so many properties of the banana skin, but the fact is that this fruit is excellent for facial masks, acne and prevent wrinkles and help care for the affected skin diseases such as psoriasis. If you are looking for something natural, easy and cheap to have beautiful skin, the answer is the banana. The pulp of banana skin The banana has many properties to the skin by its nutritional richness and is generally used in masks of all kinds, alone or combined with other elements.

Probably the easiest choice the mask to hydrate in depth banana puree is made and placed on the skin for about ten to twenty minutes. Then rinsed lightly with water and dried with a clean cloth or paper. Diets For Health Also, the banana is rich in potassium and therefore has anti-aging properties, especially when combined with honey. For that we make a puree of fruit and combine with a tablespoon of honey, let the mixture stand until brown.

Then wash well and put the face mask all over the face, not to mention place under the eyes. We leave on for ten minutes and then, when we begin to feel the taut skin, we can rinse with warm water first, and then with cold water. The good thing is that this mask as often as we can use as it does not damage the skin, although it is recommended three times a week to notice how wrinkles gradually disappear.

Banana peel skin Banana is excellent for facial masks, acne and prevents wrinkles Banana peels contain antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that have multiple benefits to the skin. Rubbing banana peel helps relieve itching from insect bites, wounds heal faster; and if we cover a wart with a shell every night for a week, probably you will disappear.

Read: Nutrition and the benefits of bananas for our healthy Place banana peels for acne cure and help reduce outbreaks. We must do it at night or when we go out into the street. This is also a very useful remedy for psoriasis, as the shell provides moisture and reduces itching, while heals symptoms. Did you know all the properties of banana skin? Do you use bananas for personal beauty? Tell us what you use natural remedies to protect your skin.

Labels: Beauty, Healthy Fruits Is pizza healthy for us – Are you one of those who believes that eating well means eating tasty little or boring stuff? Do you think it’s hard to eat healthy because it means eating only vegetables? If that’s what you think it is time you read this article. The pizza is a dish of Italian cuisine at popular in excess became the example that we all come to mind, fast food or junk food. But this is wrong: pizza is healthy, that is, can be healthy, everything depends on what is our pizza.

The best to ensure that our pizza is a healthy recipe, plus tasty, is to realize ourselves, in this way we can control the quality of the ingredients and even adapt to diets low in calories and fat. Note that eating a slice of pizza can be a nutritious and complete meal because the base provides the complex carbohydrates and over it, we can put various ingredients to provide us with the necessary proteins and lipids.

20 Diets For Health Is pizza healthy for us? The nutritional content is very variable. You can choose low-fat cheese and a tomato sauce without added sugar. You can use turkey ham, chicken, egg, tuna or shellfish as sources of protein, vegetables like zucchini, eggplant, onions, peppers, corn, and fresh tomatoes provide more freshness, flavor, fiber, and vitamins.

Diets For Health The pizzas are healthy The fruit also goes well with this dish have you ever tried the tropical pizza with ham and pineapple? If still, you think that with a slice of pizza do not eat enough, you can complete your lunch or dinner with a good bowl of salad, this way you can make a fun family dinner with the safety of eating healthily.

Labels: Tips 10 benefits of eating citrus regularly Bright, aromatic, distinctive, citrus fruits are a treat for the senses. Who has not enjoyed a delicious fresh orange juice in these dog days of summer? Who has not sought relief for sore throat in the wonderful blend of lemon and honey, recipe Grandma? Yes, citrus fruit, native to tropical and subtropical Asia, has been recognized for many years for its high content of vitamin C and citric acid, however, its many properties beyond these two elements and become a valuable source of health for humans. In this article, I will show what are the top 10 benefits of eating citrus regularly.

Citrus and its properties Citrus fruits are species of the genus Citrus whose fruits have a characteristic acidic flavor and are rich in essential oils. The fruits of these plants are highly appreciated worldwide not only for consumption but for its use in the pharmaceutical and perfumística industries and even as biofuels. There are many varieties but the best known are the sweet orange, sour orange, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit or grapefruit, and lime.

Numerous studies have reiterated the importance of the consumption of citrus to humans. If you do not know some of their properties do not worry, then you will find 10 benefits of eating citrus regularly. Your health requires care and attention and what better than a natural and delicious food to stay healthy. Take a pen and paper and begins to consider the fruits that need it.

1. Natural source of vitamins and minerals – 10 benefits of eating citrus regularly Eat lemons and oranges are a very easy way to get the concentrations of vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, potassium, copper, and sulfur needed by our body to function properly. This natural diet will achieve revitalize your body, strengthen the tissues, preventing colds and infections of the mucosa, stimulate glandular secretions and balance your blood pressure.

2. Protect your digestive system – 10 benefits of eating citrus regularly What is your delicate digestive system has to perform many functions it is very easy to damage! Well consume citrus will help protect it. Orange disinfects the digestive tract, dissolves food relieves acidity of the stomach and promotes healing of ulcers of the duodenum and stomach.

3. Controls cholesterol and uric acid – 10 benefits of eating citrus regularly Acidic foods are excellent for lowering cholesterol levels and blood uric acid. If you eat citrus fruits regularly you’ll be preventing the development of circulatory problems, heart conditions and diseases such as gout, which causes terrible pain in the joints.

4. beautiful and healthy skin – 10 benefits of eating citrus regularly Vitamins and essential oils of citrus fruits are great for our skin. Consume daily, especially fasting contributes to cleansing, moisturizing and beautifying the skin. In the case of suffering skin diseases you recommend eating four limes every morning, you’ll see how quickly you recover. Diets For Health

5. Prevent and cure diabetes – 10 benefits of eating citrus regularly Diabetes is one of the most frequent diseases in recent decades, but there is a simple and natural way to prevent and control consume citrus! Orange juice stimulates pancreatic functions while grapefruit regulates blood sugar levels and controls hypoglycemia.

6. Activate your immune system – 10 benefits of eating citrus regularly As you know your immune system is responsible for fighting these harmful agents that enter your body causing you all kinds of diseases. Consuming oranges will help you strengthen your natural defenses, increase resistance against infections and keep your immune system active for every occasion. 8. detoxifies your body –

10 benefits of eating citrus regularly Nothing like orange, lemon, and tangerine to eliminate all those toxic substances that incorporate the environment and tend to accumulate in our tissues provoking fatigue damages in different organs and even the appearance of malignant tumors. Start your day with exquisite scrubbers these fruits juices or natural. Pay attention especially to the mandarin, which is called organic fruit, it can eliminate lead, mercury, cadmium, and chromium are found in the blood. To eat tangerines!

9. Debug your organs – 10 benefits of eating citrus regularly The accumulation of substances in certain organs such as the kidneys, bladder and liver results in the formation of gallstones and kidney, liver congestion and many other uncomfortable and painful conditions that hinder their operation. Eating Citrus fruits can cure and prevent these conditions as they can purify the organs and regenerate tissues. They also are a wonderful solution for intestinal problems, especially orange, because it controls diarrhea and bleeding.

10. Lose weight – 10 benefits of eating citrus regularly If you want to eliminate those extra pounds citrus are ideal to help you in your task. Consumes 1 grapefruit fasting every day, this will favor fat burning and cleaning your organism due to it’s diuretic and laxative properties. The same will happen if you take the juice of one lemon in a glass of water early in the morning. If you want to lose weight opt ?? for citrus.  

20 Diets For Health A Final Word Now you know what the benefits of eating citrus usually if you do you’ll be fighting disease and strengthening your health. Finally, here I leave some tips to keep in mind when consuming the orange, the mandarin, lemon that you like so much. It is recommended that the consumption of citrus must occur before two o’clock, it is when they are beneficial to the body. Orange and tangerine are fruits that should be eaten alone, otherwise, it can cause you stomach problems. Orange is golden morning, silver at noon and lead at night.

Diets For Health  Start your day with a delicious juice. Avoid mixing papaya with lemon, whether the fruit or juice, can cause anemia and problems with hemoglobin. If you like to experiment beware of orange and carrot mixture. This juice that raises so many like heartburn, reflux causes and affects the liver and renal system. Labels: Healthy Fruits Citrus benefits for skin beauty – All the virtues and benefits of citrus on the body are due to the high concentration of vitamins, carotenoids, and acids present. The fact that incorporates them into our daily diet ensures a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants that produce countless positive effects on our health.

But besides all these benefits of citrus, citrus fruits can provide natural elements for different skin treatments, so not only consumption but also its direct application is beneficial. Benefits of citrus skin Oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes are natural revitalizing for the whole body, as they also have a diuretic effect that purifies and prevent fluid retention.

20 Diets For Health Thanks For Reading… Citrus benefits for skin beauty In recent decades, many cosmetic products have begun to include the essences and extracts of these natural products in their compositions by high astringent and antibacterial capacity, the grease power and participation in the processes of cell regeneration and produce collagen so combined with other foods, can delay skin aging. Is healthy food changed to a regular diet? There are healthy foods that have been sold for a relatively long time in a company. It is supposed to have a balance of calories and nutrition, and when you eat it you can eat sweets like sweets. Some people thought that it was just enough nutrition.

Health food is thinking about nutrition and thinking about balance. You can use it to supplement your regular diet. However, if it becomes possible to change it for the usual meal, it seems that the current situation is that it can not go there. If you think about health, try to have your regular meal properly. Then use it to make up for the shortfall. Although it is possible to use only breakfast for dieting, it can be a problem when it comes to day or night.


Does health food have an immediate effect? You may get an injection if you get sick and go to the hospital. Immediately after that, your physical condition may recover at once. Depending on the disease, depending on the drug, it may be effective relatively quickly. Of course, there are also things to listen to carefully. Health foods may have an immediate effect. Many do not come out as quickly as medicine. It is food for the last. There is no food to eat and immediately feel better. The same is true even if the ingredients are concentrated. At first, it may be stated as an indication.

You may try it for about 1 to 3 months and continue if you can feel something. On the other hand, if it does not change so much, it may decide to change to another one. Specific health food and health food Foods for certain health and health foods, as well as for maintaining our health, are generally understood to be the preferred foods to consume. But I can not explain the difference between the two. How is it different?

20 Diets For Health Foods for specified health use are abbreviated as so-called Tokuho, and everything from seasoning to drinking water is categorized with Tokyo. The thing which submitted a scientific basis to the country and got permission seems to become food called Hokuto.

So what are healthy foods? There is an insurance functional food system defined in the country in 1991. It has become a double-bodied food called Tokuho and nutritional function food mentioned earlier. Because health food does not include the insurance functional food system, Tokuho subtly differs from health food in categorization. In other words, it is a different thing.

Specific health food and health food are different things Foods for specified health use and health food are also considered to be like the so-called symbols defined by the country as food necessary for human beings to be healthy. By displaying in an easy-to-understand manner, it seems that we are making the way to be consciously consumed by humans. However, it is defined that it is the same and not the same. It is a complicated thing.

However, there is an image that the threshold is a bit high for something that is named health food. The price is high, the product itself is high in scarce value, and it tends to receive the impression that there are many things with a sense of premiere.

On the other hand, at the time when it is abbreviated as Tokuho, food for specified health use that has already been imprinted with impressions that it has already spread to the general public and is familiar, can also be purchased from vending machines with plastic bottles, We have succeeded in establishing an image of easy and familiar health food. These two are not the same category, though. 20 Diets For Health Thanks For Reading | If You Really Like This Post | So, You Can Visit My  Website | Please Don’t Forget To Share This Interesting Information With Your Friends on Facebook. Healthy Meal, Natural Health,50 Top Men’s Health Tips, Health Benefits of Fruits, Energy-rich Breakfast, Walk Stay Healthy and Energized, Get Strong Dental Health,

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